Newly Discovered Piano Music by Olivier Messiaen

La Fauvette Passerinette – which will make its Dutch debut during this evening – is pioneering composer Olivier Messiaen’s ten-minute plus meditation on the songs of the subalpine warbler, composed in 1961 but laid aside as the composer concentrated on his orchestral commissions. Although clearly Messiaen, the work is unique amongst the composer’s oeuvre in its birdsong-like melodic line, and concludes with a grand climax of a toccata, one that van Raat will undoubtedly shine through. Fans of Messiaen will find the obscure composition reason enough to attend, but combining this with Messiaen’s other masterpieces, not to mention those of Claude Debussy, Pierre Boulez, Maurice Ravel (Minuet in C-sharp, also a Dutch premiere!) and Hungarian composer György Ligeti makes for an exceptional programme. Piano fans should not miss this.

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