Stravinsky meets Jazz

Anyone who knows Igor Stravinsky from revolutionary ballets such as Le Sacre du Printemps or his neo-classical work may not immediately think of jazz when thinking of the Russian composer. But in the sturdy, angular rhythmic Symphony in Three Movements, jazz harmonies are unmistakably recognizable and in the swinging Scherzo à la Russe, the jazz influences are unmissable.

Gershwin and Shaw

While jazz was still viewed with suspicion at the beginning of the 20th century, George Gershwin paved the way for many composers of 'serious music' to give jazz a place in their work. That 'King of the Clarinet', writer and film star Artie Shaw was indebted to Gershwin, whose pieces he liked to play, can be clearly heard in his Concerto for Clarinet. Virtuosity and fun go hand in hand when Viotti alternates his baton with drum sticks and Ottensamer swings his lungs out.