Young talent
Double bass player James Oesi grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, and is a rising start in the classical and modern music scene. As one of the few, he focuses on bass as a solo instrument. Oesi is praised for his honest play and his masterful perfection. You will feel the power of the double bass to the depths of your soul.

Doriene Marselje had music in her life music from an early age and already started taking harp lessons at the age of six. Marseljes play is pure and lets you forget all your daily hassles. Would you dare to let go and float on the unique sounds of the harp.

Pianist Matteo Myderwyk takes you on a dreamy trip. Matteo Myderwyk composes and plays his own music. His latest album is called Ataraxia.

Good to know
Our lay down & listen concerts give you the unique opportunity to listen to classical music underneath the palm trees. Don’t forget to bring your mat, your favorite cushion or ottoman and find a nice place in the greenhouse for your personal concert.