Music connects

In this “gezellige”* Christmas concert you can enjoy music from Ireland, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Sweden, the Middle East, South America and more.

There are as many Christmas traditions as there are countries. But different as they might seem, they all  share the desire for warmth and connection to others. On this special afternoon, Merain (voice, violin, Celtic harp) will take you on a fairylike journey full of wonder, inspiration and sheer joy. The perfect way to spend your Christmas Day in Amsterdam.

Merain in the German Press: “Christmas magic in various languages“ (Die Rheinpfalz 2018).

“This concert is especially for anyone visiting Amsterdam on holiday, anyone that lives in Amsterdam, anyone  that wants to do something special together, with family, or alone... It’s actually for everyone that loves Christmas. We’ll even throw in a glass of warm glühwein.” 

* “Gezellig” means: having a good time, feeling comfortable with oneself or one another or both