Jonathan Fournel

The jury unanimously chose pianist Jonathan Fournel as the winner of the Queen Elisabeth Competition 2021. The young Frenchman mainly wants to tell a story with his music, he told Belgian radio. When he plays, he sees all kinds of characters in his imagination. Today he plays Brahms' Third Sonata , the same work with which he won the competition.

Chopin and Brahms

Brahms' piano works fascinate Jonathan Fournel to a great extent. Some, like the Third Sonata , "are almost symphonies transcribed for piano," he told France Musique . "This is something that has always attracted me a lot, because I'm a big fan of orchestral music." The sonata plays a leading role on Fournel's first album, devoted to Brahms, which received critical acclaim. Today the pianist also plays Chopin's Sonata in b , a challenging and turbulent work, overloaded with emotional extremes.