The Mysterious Power

It was clear very early on that the Rio de Janeiro-born Eliane Rodrigues was a true child prodigy. She started composing at the age of three before she could read and write music, and at the age of five she played her first recital. By the time she was seven, two piano methods had appeared with her compositions. From then on she played many concerts and won prizes in regional and national competitions .


Johann Sebastian Bach / Eliane Rodrigues
- Prelude and Fugue in A minor, BWV 543

Eliane Rodrigues
- Momentos Musicais no. 14: "Espelho"

Ludwig van Beethoven
- Sonata "Appassionata" No. 23 op. 57 in f minor

Frederic Chopin
- Nocturne no. 3, op. 9
- Scherzo no. 1, op. 20
- Nocturne No. 10, op. 32-2
- Scherzo no. 2, op. 31