Meeting between Africa and western classics

Ifé is also the title of the evening program around this groundbreaking work, in which many more boundaries are bridged. Composer Errollyn Wallen, born in Belize, mixes old and new in Concerto Grosso: from baroque to jazz and minimal. And Tunde Yegede, kora player, cellist and composer with Nigerian roots, is writing a work especially for this evening for West African kora and string orchestra, in which he himself will perform as a soloist.

Maki Namekawa

The Japanese pianist Maki Namekawa previously worked with Philip Glass. She can be heard this evening in various parts, from Ifé to Young Apollo by composer Benjamin Britten – an old acquaintance of the Holland Festival. Kidjo ends the evening singing. She performs a classic song by Erik Satie, she sings her dearest French chansons in new arrangements, to end with some of her own most popular songs.