What's more beautiful than a harp?

That's right, two harps! Merel Naomi and Mirjam have chosen a contrasting location for their concert. The harp sounds will be heard between the boats in a shed at the NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam Noord. They'll make soft, powerful, beautiful and rough sounds with their harps.

Last year, Merel Naomi and Mirjam challenged each other to write a piece of music together. This was their inspiration to compose even more music and also to arrange pieces for two harps. The program includes Debussy, Fauré and Irish music. They will also announce the programme in a special way, explaining everything in the form of images in the spotlight. The large concert harps take centre stage, but they will also bring other varieties of harps. Enjoy image and sound and coming together in the boat shed on 3 July!