An all-connecting love

Love is present in every culture, in every music genre and in every artist's oeuvre. In From Southeast With Love, this feeling is the connecting factor during an evening full of songs with and about love. Expect to hear well-known and lesser-known love songs. Where a song is a classic for some, the same song is a new discovery for others.

Breeding ground for talent

If there is one thing Amsterdam excels at internationally, it is the vibrancy and diversity of people whose roots can be found all over the world. For decades, the bustling and hospitable Amsterdam Zuidoost, in particular, has been a unique breeding ground for a wide range of musical top talent that is now active nationally and internationally. From Indian classical, hip hop and western classical to fado, jazz and gospel - you'll hear it during From Southeast With Love.

Expected highlights

  • Avi Kishna is the most famous Dutch sarod (a classical Indian musical instrument) player who develops unique projects with international artists from other genres with his platform 'Imperceptible Art'.
  • The Dutch fado singer Daisy Correia is a household name within fado and a regular guest on the renowned stages in Europe.
  • Singer and actor Edwin Jonker won the John Kraaijkamp Music Award for Best Supporting Actor, played Jesus in The Passion and appeared in dozens of films, TV series and musicals.
  • Opera singer Imara Thomas daily displays her vocal skills in operas of the famous Deutsche Oper Am Rhein in Düsseldorf.
  • Singer and composer Isaac Menso and his 25-year-old kawina group La Rouge are indispensable at international Caribbean and Latin festivals.
  • Classical pianist Dywel Braaf played with Wibi Soerjadi and 'Het Orkest van Nederland' in Het Concertgebouw.
  • Anne Brattinga is an idiosyncratic composer and vocalist who runs the successful singing school 'The Singing Circle' in Amsterdam Southeast.

Thanks to the Municipality of Amsterdam, Wonam, Amsterdam UMC, Zuidoost City.