Chopins finest

The first half of the program presents ethereal and light-hearted works. These are often used as encore, which renders the opportunity to hear the four impromptu's in sequence unique.The Tarantella and the Andante Spianato & Grande Polonaise brillante challenge the audience to stay seated, although both are rarely performed.

The second half features Chopins's 3rd Piano Sonata, a staple of the repertoire for piano. It presents a monumental task for any pianist. The scale and wealth of melodic material present the zenith of Chopin's capacity to condense musical thoughts, requiring the pianist to present every element as the part of a whole. Since Evelina Vorontsova is a specialist on Romanticism, she can strike a balance between the two superbly.

Evelina Vorontsova, resident of Amsterdam since 1992 after vicories in international competitions, played her interpretation of the Andante Spianato & Grande Polonaise Brillante on Yehudi Menuhin's festival in Moscow