Hermeto Pascoal / 7 pm / Great Hall

The story of living legend Hermeto Pascoal is a unique one. Born in the countryside of east Brazil, his albinism made it impossible for him to work out on the fields in the sun with his family. This resulted in him practicing the accordion for hours and hours indoors. Fast forward, and Pascoal grew up to be an incredibly talented composer and multi-instrumentalist virtuoso – mastering keys, flute, saxophone, and guitar. A true innovator that balances between experimental avant-garde, a celebration of Brazil's traditional folk music, and sounds of nature. He has worked with the greatest names of Brazilian jazz, and collaborated with Miles Davis in 1971 for his album Live-Evil. Pascoal's dexterous use of rhythm, blend of styles, and love for improvisation has made him widely influential to Brazilian and international jazz music.

Laurel Halo & Oliver Coates / 9 pm / Great Hall

Composer, producer, and DJ Laurel Halo must have one of the most wide-ranging discographies: electronic art pop on Hyperdub, bass belters in collaboration with Hodge on Livity Sound, and spaced out dub house on Honest Jon's Records. Recently, she has been gravitating more and more towards experimental electronics and instrumental composition, both under her own alias and as a part of the Moritz von Oswald trio. On this meditative and cinematic side of her work, she finds a magical common ground with Oliver Coates. The cellist, producer and composer wraps his beautiful stringwork in drone-like soundscapes and glitch textures– as heard on his album Skins N Slime released on RVNG Intl.. After previously collaborating for Halo's Raw Silk Uncut Wood album, these two stellar artists team up again for a live performance during Dekmantel Festival 2022.

Holden & Zimpel / 11 pm / Great Hall

A hypnotic recital given by two brilliant musicians: James Holden and Wacław Zippel. The British electronic music hero and Polish clarinetist released their EP Long Weekend on Holden's label Border Community: the recorded result of four intense days of collaborating at his Sacred Walls studio in London. The creative virtuosos found each other at the crossroads of jazz and the repetitive, trance-inducing loopiness of electronic productions, and took it to a next level from there.

Squarepusher / 1 am / Great Hall

Squarepusher is one of those electronic music artists that has been given a cult-like status. Thanks to his underground hits including My Red Hot Car or Beep Street– all crafted by using his analog synths, drum hardware and digital wizardry. The Warp Records-affiliate borrows elements from IDM, acid, ambient, jungle, electro, and jazz, which he then processes into a futuristic end result. Those who like a dexterous sonic rollercoaster are in for a treat during Dekmantel Festival when Tom Jenkinson appears under his most-loved alias.

Perila / 8 pm / Small Hall

When Pitchfork reviews Perila's latest, journalist Shawn Reynaldo warned listeners 'looking to nurture a fractured psyche to proceed with caution' – and indeed, the work of Aleksandra Zakharenko is not a case of easy listening. That said, if you're looking for deep, layered, looming ambient and aren't afraid to unsettle your core, be sure to check out Perila in action. In the sacred space between her hushed screams and minute sonic variations there's a whole new world to discover.

KMRU / 9.30 pm / Small Hall

The sound of Kenyan DJ/producer KMRU comes in waves of all shapes and sizes – from the most meticulous little ripples to towering swells and crushing breakers. Although his ambient and drone selections are ever subtle, together they form an all-compelling cosmos that's best experienced by diving in and bathing in it.

Carmen Villain / 11pm / Small Hall

Weaving together field recordings, woodwinds, percussion, samples and synths, the cosmic tapestries of Carmen Villain are able to wrap and carry, dishevel yet comfort you. The Norwegian-Mexican artist/producer has released her atmospheric music – a mix of dub, fourth world and ambient – on labels like Smalltown Supersound and Longform Editions. In the wake of her latest and greatest LP, Only Love From Now On, Villain brings her otherworldly craft to Dekmantel Festival 2022.