Just before they leave for a week-long tour in the United Kingdom, the Amsterdam public also has the unique opportunity to hear this special programme! From the beautiful Mozart Quintet k.452 (1784) to the playful music written in Paris in the 1920s; a Blues from Martinu, the colourful Mladí (Youth) sextet and the unforgettable Poulenc Sextet.

W. A. Mozart - Quintet K. 452
B. Martinu - Sextet (1929)
G. Mucha- Naše cesta - Our Journey (2008)
L. Janácek - Mladí (Youth) (1924)
F. Poulenc - Sextet (1932-39)

Emily Beynon flute
Miriam Pastor Burgos oboe
Olivier Patey clarinet
Davide Lattuada bass clarinet
Gustavo Núñez bassoon
Helma van den Brink bassoon
Fons Verspaandonk horn
Jeroen Bal piano