London's Castalian String Quartet is one of the most in-demand young string quartets of recent years. The members come from Finland, Ireland, Wales and England, and together won the Borletti-Buitoni Award in 2018. Today they play Sibelius' String Quartet Voces Intimae, a work that takes its nickname from a scribble by the composer above a staff. The four string voices indeed sound intimate and modest, but also luminous and serene. With a dizzying dance at the end.


The Castalian String Quartet also performs Mozart's String Quartet in D minor. One of the 'six sons', that is, six quartets, which he dedicated to his friend and 'musical father' Haydn. During the completion of the composition, a real son of Mozart was born a room further down: Raimund. Perhaps partly because of this, the quartet is overflowing with beauty and drama.