Johann Christian Bach                          Symfonie Op. 18/6       

Johann Christian Bach                          3 Vauxhall Songs        

Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach          Symfonie in Bes HW I/2

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach                    Symfonie in Es Wq 183/2         

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach                    Adagio & Fuga in d      

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach                    Sinfonia bij cantate "Ertönet, ihr Völker"

The Barock Sommer orchestra originates from the VU Chamber Orchestra and consists of enthusiastic (amateur) musicians who try to bring the achievements of authentic performance practice to life. 

Simon Murphy is a specialist in the style-conscious performance of music from the 18th and early 19th century. He has built up a reputation for breathing new life into the classical repertoire and for returning lost masterpieces to the modern concert stage. The Barock Sommer orchestra is supervised two projects a year.