Ammodo Masterclass

The Ammodo Masterclass is invaluable for the participating conductors, young musicians and for any music lover who wants to learn more about the fascinating interaction between conductor and orchestra. During the Concertgebouw Orchestra's Ammodo Masterclass Conducting, several young talented conductors are taught by a prominent conductor for several days while they are given the opportunity to lead the Concertgebouw Orchestra. Thanks to live streaming, everyone can enjoy it up close. In the past 10 years, the Ammodo Masterclass has become a household name worldwide.

The masterclasses of 2020 with Iván Fischer can still be viewed via .

Maestro Fabio Luisic

In June 2022, it will be the turn of the energetic maestro Fabio Luisi to share some of his knowledge and experience with the next generation. Under his direction, all participants conduct the orchestra in a varied selection of works from the symphonic repertoire. Fabio Luisi gives directions and advice – this can include musical ideas, percussion technique, rehearsal technique, listening skills, communication and leadership. The young conductors also receive feedback from orchestra members.