An orchestral spectacle as a tribute to the human voice

Heiner Goebbels is known for his collage-like way of telling stories. He perfectly coordinates text, music and staging, while at the same time leaving a lot of room for the imagination of his audience. Over the years he collected recordings of the most diverse things, from a theatrical monologue to an Armenian singer or the sounds of a construction site. The human voice is a common thread in this collection. The sounds appeal to him because of what they mean, but also because of how they sound. They now find their way in this four-part composition.

Musical interaction with sound clips

Goebbels wrote this piece especially for the Ensemble Modern, with whom he has collaborated frequently and intensively for a long time. The musicians react to the sound fragments, they comment, interrupt, encourage or counteract them. And they make themselves heard with idiosyncratic initiatives, such as a great jazz solo on saxophone. The result is a masterfully constructed and surprising listening journey in which the human voice is central.