Stillness as a leitmotif. Listening to the space between the notes. This is Stillness - Concert by Kay Sleking on guitar & bandoneon. Sleking could recently be heard during the Prinsengracht concert in duo with Jörgen van Rijen, solo trombonist of the Concertgebouw Orchestra. They played one of Sleking's arrangements together.

His compositions are based on classical, minimal, and tango. Sublime mastery and musicality are the pillars from which Kay tells his musical story.

The concert will take place in combination with an exhibition of his paintings, that represent spaciousness, dynamics, and tranquility. The works stand for any place in the world where seas, lakes, space, and birds can be found. They can also serve as a metaphor for the desire for a new perspective.

Reservations are required via [email protected] A maximum of 10 people can be present.