7 October 2015

Dangerous ecstasy pills

The mental health and drug use institute Trimbos has issued a nation-wide warning relating to an ecstasy pill with dangerously high doses of MDMA, as reported in English by the peer education organisation Unity. The pill is usually light yellow, square-shaped and has the logo of the Amsterdam Dance Event on it, but there are other variations, too. Amsterdam Dance Event is in no way affiliated with the pill, and has taken a clear stance against drug taking.

Extreme variations of dosage

Multiple pills of this variant have been analysed at drug testing services in the Netherlands and were found to contain varying dosages. The ones with the highest dosage contained up to 300mg of MDMA, which is three times more than in a regular dose.

Lethal danger

The use of such high doses is dangerous. It increases the risk of overdose (also known as ecstasy-intoxication or serotonin syndrome), which can lead to overheating, acute psychotic symptoms, arrhythmia and liver failure. It can even be lethal.

Hard to estimate dose

In the case of this pill, the extreme variations in dosage mean that it’s possible some pills look alike or are even sold together, but contain highly different dosages. This makes it impossible to estimate the dose the pill contains.

Anonymous drug testing

Although hard drugs are illegal in the Netherlands, there are possibilities to have them tested to reduce drug-related health risks as far as that is possible. Click here for more information on drug testing.

First aid

If you or someone you’re with is feeling unwell, immediately seek medical attention. Ask for help, visit first aid or call 112. Everything you tell medical professionals is confidential and you will not get fined or arrested for drugs use in the Netherlands.