Meet Zuidoost’s rebels with a cause

Zuidoost is bursting with socially-minded entrepreneurs who seek out innovative ways to make the world a better place.

Rebels with a cause
A growing number of socially responsible businesses are establishing themselves in this colourful corner of Amsterdam. 24H Zuidoost is your chance to support these open-hearted locals. For example, enjoy a monastery beer at the Kleiburg Brewery, feast your eyes on the art and street art in and around Heesterveld, or chill-out in Bloei & Groei’s green oasis.

Yoga Flow workshop in a green oasis

Take part in a relaxing Yoga Flow workshop during 24H Zuidoost. Smooth and easy poses will help you relax and get back to your old self. The workshop will be held at Bloei & Groei, a unique garden and meeting place, surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Gaasperzoom.

Natural Remedies

Embark on a journey of discovery during 24H Zuidoost with this walk that takes in unique medicinal plants growing in the wild. What you initially thought of as a weed, may also have beneficial effects. After this walk, you will look very differently at the plants around you. 

Spiritual urban oasis

Discover this surprising urban oasis, with its own vegetable patch and yurts. During 24H Zuidoost it will host yoga dancing, meditation and belly dancing workshops. Alternatively, bring light into your life with a coach or spiritual reading and enjoy music and massage.

Workshop Yoda en healing bellydance
Multi dimensionale lezing
Workshop buikdans
Workshop aardemeditatie
Rondleiding en zweethut

Street Art Tour

The Bijlmer's H-neighborhood is teeming with magnificent murals. Art platform R.U.A. along with scores of international artists were invited to take part in an effort to spruce up Zuidoost. During 24H Zuidoost, AllTourNative Amsterdam will take you a street tour to take in a selection of the best murals.

Green Love

During 24H Zuidoost Evelien van Oosterom will show you how to make Green Love, a delicious green smoothie packed with herbs from Bloom & Growth's garden. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and an everlasting summer feeling. No appointment required!

Beer, BBQ & Burgers

During 24H Zuidoost the Bijlmer's one and only brewery will host a BBQ with tasty burgers and Klei beer! If live music, men with beards and chilling around a campfire are your thing, then this is for you. Guided tours are available for curious beer buffs.

Guided tours
Jamaican Tropical Vibes