Meet Zuidoost’s rebels with a cause

Zuidoost is bursting with socially-minded entrepreneurs who seek out innovative ways to make the world a better place.

Rebels with a cause
A growing number of socially responsible businesses are establishing themselves in this colourful corner of Amsterdam. 24H Zuidoost is your chance to support these open-hearted locals. For example, enjoy a monastery beer at the Kleiburg Brewery, feast your eyes on the art and street art in and around Heesterveld, or chill-out in Bloei & Groei’s green oasis.

Wildflowers for Zuidoost

More than 70% of our daily food relies on pollination by insects. But their current situation is everything but rosy. GroenplatVorm Zuidoost provides information about how to help insects and hands out free wildflower seeds – loved by insects and much-needed for their wellbeing!

Deephouse Dawn

If you're not only an early bird but also a fitness fanatic, start your day at the ArenaGym. This morning, the DJ will be spinning some deephouse beats, soundtracking a fun and functional workout. Celebrate the rush with health shakes and ginger shots afterwards.

Glow with the Flow

Soak Urban Wellness offers pampering sessions in its converted containers – try a single or duo session of infrared sauna, experience an intense total body massage in the 3D-massage capsule and enjoy cold-pressed power shots and healthy superfood snacks.

Sport clinics at K-Zone Sports

Are you up for some tennis, golf or maybe some zumba? Or are you a glutton for punishment and ready for a bootcamp? Then get a sweat going during 24H Zuidoost with K-Zone Sports at the public athletics track at the Kraaiennest. Sports clinics for all ages and levels of fitness will be taking place all day long.

Make your own flower bombs and beeswax cream

Meet urban farmer Michael Ferdinandus and learn how to sow flower seeds, plant fruit trees and make seed bombs. And last not least, discover how to make a natural cream without any preservatives.

Seed bombs workshops
Workshops for sewing seeds and planting fruit trees
Workshops make your own beeswax cream

What's growing in Zuidoost

Embrace nature at 24H Zuidoost. Biologist Tet Roetman, the author of 'Bloemen in Amsterdam Zuidoost' ('Flowers in Amsterdam Zuidoost') will lead this walk through Gaasperplaspark. During a stroll of just 1 to 2 km you'll discover how to recognise dozens of plant species, herbs, grasses and trees.

Discover De Bijlmer by bike tour 1

Join a two-hour trip through Zuidoost with Bijlmer expert Jenny van Dalen. Not only has she been living in the area for 35 years, but she also set up the successful Bijlmer Tours 20 years ago to share her enthusiasm and knowledge of the area. Bring your own bike.

Discover De Bijlmer by bike tour 2

Join a two-hour trip through Zuidoost with Bijlmer expert Jenny van Dalen. Not only has she been living in the area for 35 years, but she also set up the successful Bijlmer Tours 20 years ago to share her enthusiasm and knowledge of the area. Bring your own bike.

Tour of Taibah Mosque

Also known as 'the white pearl of De Bijlmer', the Taibah Mosque is one of the Netherlands' biggest mosques. At 24H Zuidoost, it opens its doors to everyone that wants to take a look inside. Please note that women are required to bring head coverings.

Goat meditation and bunny cuddles

Stop, take a breath, relax. It's time to switch off your brain at Kinderboerderij Gliphoeve. During 24H Zuidoost you can take part in some goat meditation in the meadow, cuddle a floppy-eared bunny, brush a pony and join a mosaic-making workshop.

Goat meditation
Mosaic making workshop
Cuddle a floppy eared bunny
Brush a pony

Join a brass band

Take part in this workshop and find out what it feels like to be in a real brass band. The workshops include lessons by experienced teachers from Ritmo Percussion (Battle of Drums winners 2019), where you can learn more about technique, rhythm and teamwork. Everyone is welcome!

Tour of the Vitrine van Zuidoost

The newly opened Vitrine van Zuidoost is a display that captures the history and heart of the Bijlmer. Items and memories have been collected across a five-year period, telling personal stories and touching on major events such as the Bijlmer air disaster and the Zwart Beraad political group. The exhibition complements the heritage collections found elsewhere in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.


The Growing Monument

On occasion of 24H Zuidoost, the Growing Monument, a memorial to the victims of the El Al flight disaster in 1992, hosts a tour, an exhibition, an open stage, a neighbourhood lunch, storytelling, poetry and music, offering a place of sanctuary and remembrance.

Neighbourhood lunch with stories and poetry
Singing and music

Digging through the Bijlmer's archives

Neighbourhood newspapers, leaflets, clippings, scrapbooks, photos, videos and sliders: the entirety of the Bijlmer Museum is taken over by the Bijlmer Archives' wealth of exhibits. The impressive display highlights wide-ranging themes, from personal stories about the Bijlmer air disaster to how people forged parking permits in the 1970s. Join a guided tour or explore at your own pace (and don't forget to try a cup of special Bijlmer lentil soup).

Guided tour through the Bijlmer museum

Creative Kruitberg

For 24H Zuidhoost, the artists of Kruitberg will open up the doors to their studios, showcase their work and host workshops about topics such as ceramics, political cartoons and painting without a brush. Come and get creative!

Life is Made for Living: Wellness & Spirit Festival

Step into a more spiritual world at Reijgershof, where you can learn about ecstatic dance or take part in another memorable workshop, join a sweat lodge or cocoa ceremony or go shopping for artisanal products at the 'hippy market'.

Upcycling exhibition, architect date & a romantic walk

Lola Buitenpost opens its doors for an upcycling exhibition: everything on show has been made by giving old things a pretty or special second life. Resident architects Sander and Arjan hold an open consultation for all your spatial questions and you can join in a romantic walk.

Walks led by Peter Dautzenberg
Design advice

First Dates and Heel Bijlmer Bakt (The Great Bijlmer Bake-Off)

Looking for love? Well, have a go at some real-life 'First Dates' and enjoy a two-course surprise menu. Or, if you've already found the love of your life, how about a session of 'Heel Bijlmer Bakt' (or 'The Great Bijlmer Bake-Off'), where you can bake some heart-shaped cookies (you can also just dish them out to prospective partners)? No matter what you choose, everyone is welcome at the closing party.

Heel Bijlmer Bakt / The great Bijlmer bake off
First Dates
The ball

InBijlmering Class

Many immigrants to the Netherlands have to complete a civic integration (inburgering) course. But what does integration mean in the Bijlmer, a neighbourhood of some 130 different nationalities? Take this fun and informative 24H-Zuidoost pubquiz and find out if you have what it takes to bag that coveted diploma!

Tour of Museum Vrolik

What do we look like on the inside? How are our organs and body parts built and where do they sit inside our bodies? The Amsterdam UMC's Museum Vrolik, an anatomy museum, has all the answers, as well as specimens of normal and abnormal physiques. It is home to around 2,000 skulls, skeletons and specimens from humans and animals.

Get started in graffiti (for kids)

Graffiti artist Mick La Rock invites you into his world of stencils, colours, shadow effects and tags. Working with spray paint, discover your own style by making a work of art on a large piece of board. Parents and guardians are welcome to join in with the kids.

Four Bee-kijkdoos

The former Honeywell office building is currently being transformed into a new creative hub: 4B. For 24H Zuidoost, they offer a sneak peek behind the scenes, including great live music and other performances.

ZOJazz Lounge: Jazz & brunch

Settle in for a delicious brunch and live music from Graziëlla Hunsel Rivero, Zuidoost's 'first lady of jazz' who will be singing songs, accompanied by pianist Timothy Banchet, that are associated with Zuidoost jazz icons Boy Edgar and Anita Porcelijn. After the music, be sure to check out 'Amsterdam Portraits', an exhibition by photographer Bastiaan Woudt, and look at old photos of Anita Porcelijn from the halcyon days of jazz in Hofgeest.

Tour of the Dutch National Opera & Ballet's set studio

At the Dutch National Opera & Ballet, every little thing is made in-house, from costumes and wigs to the gigantic stage sets. Learn how the impressive sets are designed and built during this exclusive look behind the scenes of Amsterdam's opera world.

Keeping it Real in the K-buurt

Get to know the K-buurt (or deepen your bonds) at 24H Zuidoost. The live podcast show 'Keeping it Real' takes a closer look at the neighbourhood and the residents that make it tick. There's a Bijlmer exhibition featuring photos and stories, compiled and hosted by locals, which looks at 52 years of living in this distinctive part of Amsterdam. Children also get their say in a special debate programme, led by Nikki, the district council representative for youth.

Live podcast show
Children's debates

Jack(ie) Art Fair

Celebrate diversity at Club Jack's roof terrace, Jackie. A festival-style market offers plenty of artworks and design products by artists, fashion designers and other Zuidoost creatives. Didn't you need a nice present for a friend or even, ahem, yourself?

Meet Lola Bae

Grab this opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at this vibrant creative hub, workplace and home to media professionals, artists, writers and other creatives. Today, Lola Bae hosts exhibitions, spoken-word performances, live music and art performances by in-house artists.

Making jewellery/Black-and-white theatre

Sieglien Emanuel has transformed a disused shop into a neighbourhood haven for kids and locals. At 24H Zuidoost, it hosts a jewellery-making workshop and an exciting theatre performance, 'Kun je het wel maken?', about identity and stereotyping.

Jewellery making workshop
Talking group
Theatre performance

OSCAM with Darryl Veldman & Munir de Vries

On invitation of De Tekstsmederij, wordsmith and theatremaker Darryl Veldman presents a brand-new play, inspired by his roots and the perspective of many different generations on how Zuidoost is developing. After the performance, visit the exhibition by illustrator and graffiti artist Munir de Vries, who will also be present to answer questions.

Living-room performance: Kikkenstein

The youth theatre group Jeugdtheaterschool Zuidoost presents its living-room production 'Kikkenstein' at the Heesterveld Creative Community. The performance includes plenty of dance elements and tells stories about the lives and ambitions of young people in today's Bijlmer.

Beer, BBQ & burgers

Enjoy a crisp Bijlmer-brewed beer, a juicy burger or a snack from the barbecue, and give your soul a rest. The programme at this monastic brewery also includes a short tour of the brewery and a DJ.

Innovative tour of the Johan Cruijff Arena

Discover why the Johan Cruijff Arena is one of the world's most sustainable football stadiums, making full use of innovations and new technologies. This behind-the-scenes tour presents parts of the stadium such as the 'mega battery', shows how smart the stadium is and offers a peek into rooms normally only open to Ajax players.

R.U.A; insanely beautiful street art. Tour 1 from Oma Ietje to New Metropolis

Discover Zuidoost's gigantic murals on an inspiring tour or attend the talk about the project. As part of an initiative by R.U.A./Caramundo, beautiful graffiti artworks influenced by Brazilian street art have been created in De Bijlmer since 2004. The talk includes a video about the positive impact of street art on Brazilian neighbourhoods, stories about the projects in De Bijlmer's H neighbourhood and a debate about the role and the importance of street art in public space.

Street art tour

Skating the World (8+)

Women Skate the World holds an important place in the community, inspiring, connecting and offering support to girls and women in Zuidoost. During 24H Zuidoost, everyone is invited to join in. Learn about skate culture, step onto a skateboard (even it it's for the first time), or indulge in some street art at the skate park.

Skate introduction

A culinary round trip in World of Food

Do you also find Albert Heijn's roti meal looking suspiciously similar to a tortilla? Have you ever wanted to know how to make an Antillean Johnny Cake or a Congolese fried fish? World of Food offers various cooking workshops to improve your culinary skills and become a chef of global cuisines.

Bimrecycle Mini Environment Festival (6+)

Especially for 24H Zuidoost, four 14-year-old girls (and their inspired teacher Gideon Everduim) have organised a mini-festival about the environment, taking place at their own school. Join for workshops about sustainability, cool performances and a custom-built escape room.

Special show
Various environmental workshops
Live music and performances
Special finale

Poortpraat Tours

Construction of De Bijlmer started in 1968, and since 1986, it's been home to the Amsterdamse Poort shopping centre. Today, it's impossible to imagine the area without it. On the Poortpraat ('Poort talk') tours, well-known locals and creative entrepreneurs talk about what the Poort means to them.

Open Stage & World Jazz

Got something to say and feel ready to take to the stage? City poet Gershwin Bonevacia will host this open stage afternoon. Afterwards, pianist Philipp Rüttgers and guitarist Eran Har Even will perform jazz standards from the Great American Songbook.

Open stage, organised by Amsterdam Public Library (OBA)
World jazz open concerts

Buki ta konta ('The book tells the story', 3+)

The OBA's Reigersbos branch hosts multilingual storytime and singing sessions – today, books will be read in Dutch and in Papiamentu, a creole language spoken in the Dutch Caribbean.

Club Kids (7-14 years)

Music must be be accessible to all, which is why DGAI Music School hosts weekly music lessons in Zuidoost. And especially for 24H Zuidoost, Club Jack is opening its doors to the city's kids, so they can sing, dance and celebrate art and culture together.

Guerrilla Metro Radio Show

MOB (Mobiele Omroep Bijlmer – Bijlmer Mobile Broadcasting Service) hosts a guerrilla radio broadcast live from a moving metro. The programme, an ode to metros and to Zuidoost, offers information about the 24H programme, tunes into passengers' music, hosts talks about the metro's night service and broadcasts reports about the various locations that enliven 24H Zuidoost. Embark at Bullewijk every hour on the hour and listen in with special headphones, or catch up later on the MOB podcast.

R.U.A. insanely beautiful street art. Tour 2 from New Metropolis to Oma Ietje

Discover Zuidoost's gigantic murals on an inspiring tour or attend the talk about the project. As part of an initiative by R.U.A./Caramundo, beautiful graffiti artworks influenced by Brazilian street art have been created in De Bijlmer since 2004. The talk includes a video about the positive impact of street art on Brazilian neighbourhoods, stories about the projects in De Bijlmer's H neighbourhood and a debate about the role and the importance of street art in public space.

Street art tour

Crossing Cultures: 30 years of Thami Mnyele Award

This exhibition features works by eight international artists, who were part of the Thami Mnyele Foundation's artist-in-residence programme in Amsterdam. The programme, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, was established to honour the memory of South-African artist and activist Thami Mnyele, who worked in exile and was assassinated in Botswana 35 years ago by death squads of the apartheid regime.

(Spiritual) Meeting

The Kleiklooster is a Christian community based at one of the original Bijlmer apartment blocks: Kleiburg. The chapel is open to all during 24H Zuidoost, should you wish to burn a candle for a loved one, pray or sing during a chapel service. Or simply take a look around the monastery, chat and learn about what it's like to live there.

Chapel service

Medley of Ghanaian choral music

The Netherlands' biggest Ghanaian community is based in the Bijlmer and their culture very much lives on here. At 24H Zuidoost, the Ghachodam alle Ghanese Foundation presents two performances of Ghanaian choral music, which is renowned for its festive and infectious sound.

Stories for big people

Visit the Amsterdam Public Library (OBA) during 24H Zuidoost and let yourself be transported to new places by beautiful poetry, spoken-word performances and entertaining stories from Babs Gons and Soortkill. The event is hosted by city poet Gershwin Bonevacia, Amsterdam's city poet laureate. And even if they aren't so big yet, children are welcome too.

Metro Movies: gems from the Caribbean

New Metropolis hosts a screening of three short films by award-winning Dutch filmmakers with a Caribbean background. How do these creatives look at the Netherlands of now? The programme includes an audience debate.

Time for games: Ye Bo Game!

'Ye Bo Game' is a call to arms that the men of Nipheaux/Viral Champion often use during their musical game nights. From the Ghanaian dialect Twi, it translates as 'We play the game' and is said when you are enjoying yourself, need a boost or are already winning. Will you come play the game during 24H Zuidoost?

Amsterdams buurtfestival; taster in OBA Bijlmer

The Amsterdams Buurtfilmfestival/ (Amsterdam Neighbourhood Film Festival) presents a selection of short films from the festival's most recent edition. Stories from Zuidoost are being brought to life and societal topics are considered in new, creative ways. After the films, there is plenty of time to discuss with your fellow filmgoers.

Tropical pop up bar

Get to know the Heesterveld Creative Community! For 24H Zuidoost, this fun creative hub offers the newest rum cocktails by Bijlmer-based Rummieclub – or just have it neat in this tropical pop-up bar. Enjoy infectious beats, flamboyant hosts and a summery vibe!

Rooftop party with Afrolosjes

Club Jack and AfroLosjes are set to let it all loose at this closing party for 24H Zuidoost. Embrace the energy and Afrobeat rhythms and dance the night away on the rooftop! As well as the tunes, look out for a talk about music from the Bijlmer.

Panel talk; the influence of music from Zuidoost
Rooftop party
Afrobeat sounds from Afrolosjes and Friends

Karaoke & Silent Disco

Via Amsterdam is a cosy, creative hostel, and during 24H Zuidoost it's going to throw open its doors to everyone. Let yourself go in the bar during a rambunctious karaoke session, or dance the night away at the silent disco in the cinema room.