The Ballroom

The basis of 'The Ballroom - A Stage for Living, Loving and Working' exhibition is a series of 'functional' sculptures by Bert Jacobs. These include a sculptural kitchen, a recording studio, a DJ booth, a catwalk and a large number of chairs and tables. These sculptures are works of art intended for use, and a platform for meeting, exchanging ideas and creative use by participants and visitors. Musicians, performance artists, DJs, dancers and fashion designers will use the sculptures for live exhibits and demonstrations of their own work, while other visual artists will display their work on them, next to them or below and above them. In short, a unique constellation in which life, love, work and imagination become intertwined! With works by Kenneth Aidoo, Roi Alter, Marcel van den Berg, Sangiorgio Dallajee Blonk, Emiliano Caprino, Chun-Han 'Dawson' Chiang, Raquel van Haver, Bert Jacobs, Bea McMahon, Mami Wata, Cindy Moorman, Ike Melchizedek, Jonas Ohlsson, Petra Ponte, Zaira Pourier, Masha Ru, Heike Tjepkema, Daniel Vorthuys, Meis Vranken, Dan Walwin,, and others.

The Ballroom is open to the public from 1 August to 16 September especially for 24H Zuidoost. Come enjoy performances or sample some yummy food! Kitchen open 13:00 to 22:00.


  • 13:00-22:00 - Exhibition with performances, music, workshops, food and drinks