Kempering, the car park that's now a church

Imagine IC marks the Bijlmer's Jubilee Year with an exhibition about the Kempering mutli-storey-car-park-cum-church. Kempering is an icon of the modernist utopia, Bijlmer. Originally, you would drive into the car park via the raised Karspeldreef and entered the flats via a covered walkway with views over a pedestrian oasis of lawns surrounding the flats. But during the urban renewal of the 90s, the Bijlmer took a different turn. The flats were demolished and the roads were lowered. By this time, the garage was already being used for church services and when the municipality intended to continue with the demolition of Kempering, the Pentecostal church was reluctant to leave. The 'Kempering: parkeer-garage-kerk' exhibition presents Kempering's social archaeology. Is it possible that Kempering is a religious rather than a modernist monument? And the ultimate question: Does a monument have to continue to exist physically to be one?


  • Guided tour of the exhibition & group walk (from Kraaiennest station to Imagine IC)

Practical information

  • Programme subject to change. Please note that capacity is limited
  • Registration: Registration is required for this activity
  • Language: Dutch/English
  • Minimum age: Suitable for all ages
  • Duration: Tours last around 15 minutes. Walk lasts for approximately 1 hour
  • Price: Free entrance