Program 48 events

Early Rave

It's already taken off in New York, London and Barcelona: dancing before work! During 24H Zuidoost you can experience it what it's like to go clubbing after a good nights sleep with a wheat-shot in your hand. It's on at the newly opened Jack nightclub!

Youth theatre and Xpression workshops

For fun children's theatre and dance lessons during 24H Zuidoost, head to Jeugdtheaterschool Zuidoost's (JTSZO) cozy living room location at the Heesterveld Creative Community.

Yoga Flow workshop in a green oasis

Take part in a relaxing Yoga Flow workshop during 24H Zuidoost. Smooth and easy poses will help you relax and get back to your old self. The workshop will be held at Bloei & Groei, a unique garden and meeting place, surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Gaasperzoom.

Outdoor art tour

Discover the Bijlmer from a fresh perspective on the 'Pay Attention Please' art route during 24H Zuidoost. Start with a cup of coffee, fresh mint tea or fruit juice, then learn more about the many public works of art on display. Then finish the day with a tasty slice of cake at CBK Zuidoost.

Health check and fitness lesson

At the Arena Gym during 24H Zuidoost, your health is top of the agenda. A physiotherapist will check your physical condition and examine what is going well and where can improvements be made - for example in how regularly you move. You can also take part in a fitness class that provides a great workout as well as teaches you precisely how to perform the moves.

Health check

What's growing in Zuidoost?

Time to get out in nature! Tet Roetman, biologist and author of the book 'Flowers in Amsterdam Zuidoost' and various plant walking routes, will take you through the Gaasperplas Park as part of 24H Zuidoost. Learn how to recognise and rediscover dozens of plant species, herbs, shrubs, grasses, and trees.

Guided tour of the Taibah Mosque

Have you ever seen inside a mosque? Known as the Bijlmer's 'white pearl' and the largest mosque in the Netherlands, it will open its doors during 24H Zuidoost to those interested in taking a look. Women are requested to bring something with them to cover their heads.

Rooftop Yoga

The sky's the limit during 24H Zuidoost! Experience a relaxing yoga session accompanied by deep house music at Jackie, the roof park on top of the brand-new Jack nightclub. All levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced. Lessons will be held in the yoga studio if the weather is unsuitable. Did we mention 360-degree views? 

The Bijlmer in one and a half hours

You won't need to go far to experience a world trip during 24H Zuidoost. Take this guided bicyle tour and discover everything about the Bijlmer including how the neighborhood has evolved and regenerated. The tour includes the Saturday market at Ganzenhoef, a petting zoo, artists' flats and the mosque.

Writing and reciting poetry

Embark on a trip through the world of literature and write your own poem with the help of award-winning Iranian poet, Sholeh, during 24H Zuidoost. At the end of the workshop, each person will present his or her poem while enjoying a cup of Iranian tea.

Afro dance to hip-hop workshop

The Bijlmer Parktheater will be buzzing during 24H Zuidoost. Come along for one of the many 'We Are on the Move' dance workshops, ranging from afro-dance to hip-hop for ages 4 to 25. Or simply visit the theatre for one of Untold's dance performances, or a guided behind the scenes tour.

Kids dance workshop (4-7 years old)
Hip-hop street dance workshop (8-12 years old)
Guided tours
Afro-dance workshop (8-12 years old)
Modern dance open workshop (from 8 years old)
Untold performance (with the opportunity to ask the cast questions)
Showcase talent group, Modern
Showcase rehearsal Demo Team WAOTM
Open rehearsal (from 13 years old)

Natural Remedies

Embark on a journey of discovery during 24H Zuidoost with this walk that takes in unique medicinal plants growing in the wild. What you initially thought of as a weed, may also have beneficial effects. After this walk, you will look very differently at the plants around you. 

The Rapping Reader

Hip-hopper Kiddo Cee is not just at home on the stage and in the studio, but is a also a dab hand as a rapping reader. For 24H Zuidoost he will bring short stories and beats to the Jackie roof park above the brand spanking new Jack nightclub. It's guaranteed that every child will be hanging on his every word...

Escape from the Towers

You are locked in a four-star hotel. This doesn't sound so unbearable, but... this is an escape room and you have to find a way out! Time is ticking. Can you solve the riddles and crack the codes to escape from the Holiday Inn Amsterdam - Arena Towers?

Photo shoot at the Hampton by Hilton Amsterdam Arena Boulevard

Have you always wanted to pose in front of the camera? You're in luck! During 24H Zuidoost a professional photographer will capture you and your friends at your best! It's the perfect opportunity to get a stunning or hilarious photo of yourself.

Bijlmer anniversary and air crash disaster commemoration

Celebrate the vibrant Bijlmer neighbourhood during 24H Zuidoost. The air crash disaster will be commemorated with a tour of the 'Groeiend Monument', a photo exhibition and a community lunch with stories, music, dance, poetry and lively performances.

Tour of the Groeiend Monument
Neighbourhood lunch

Imagine IC: Praying in a car park

During 24H Zuidoost Imagine IC celebrates 50 years of the Bijlmer with an exhibition about the Kempering car park. During a short guided tour or walk you can learn about the surprising history of this place, which was once intended as a multi-storey car park and is now used as a church.

Guided tour of the exhibition
Group walk

Behind the scenes Art flats

Kruitberg and Echtenstein gallery flats comprise more than 2,200 m2 of work-space for creative talent and have been invaluable for artisans in the neighborhood for over 25 years. Take a look around their workshops During 24H Zuidoost, or free your inner creativity by joining a drawing or painting workshop.

Mask painting workshop
Open studios
Illustration workshop
Painting for young and old workshop

Spiritual urban oasis

Discover this surprising urban oasis, with its own vegetable patch and yurts. During 24H Zuidoost it will host yoga dancing, meditation and belly dancing workshops. Alternatively, bring light into your life with a coach or spiritual reading and enjoy music and massage.

Workshop Yoda en healing bellydance
Multi dimensionale lezing
Workshop buikdans
Workshop aardemeditatie
Rondleiding en zweethut

Festivalhart Oma Ietjes Birthday bash

Oma (Grandma) Ietjes is the perfect starting and meeting point for a full day of discovery. Offering possibly the cosiest outdoor terrace in the Bijlmer, from 12:00 the bar will become Festival Central for the 24H Zuidoost festival. Located just 50 meters from Bullewijk metro station, you will find all the program information you'll need for the festival along with useful tips. With Grandma Ietje also celebrating its 4th birthday, it will be a double celebration!

Gym & Juice
Competition lotery
Live performance Kingston Soul
Live performance Amartey
Live performance CC Project

Metro Movies in the Gaasperdammer Tunnel

The Gaasperdammer Tunnel is currently under construction and will open to vehicles in two years from now. Normally closed to the public, during 24H Zuidoost it will host special screenings of 'Captain Fantastic', 'Straight outta Compton', short films and a documentary about Kleiburg. Great food, drinks and performances will be available too!

Walk-in, meet & greet
Film 'Kleiburg, the last Bijlmer flat' (2014, 52 minutes)
Presentation ‘Can ideals be built...?'
Presentation '…Ideals can be built!’
Film 'Captain Fantastic' (2016, 118 minutes)
Several short films
Straight outta Bijlmer
Straight outta Compton (2015, 167 minutes)

Guided tour of the prize-winning 'Doer-Upper flat' Kleiburg

Kleiburg was on the brink of demolition before it unexpectedly received a new lease of life. The building was divided into 'doer-upper' homes, became a success story and won an important architectural prize. You'll have a chance to find out how the story unfolded during 24H Zuidoost directly from the architect.

Behind the scenes at Pathé Arena

Curious about what goes on behind the scenes at a cinema? Here's your chance to find out what happens in the projection booth. Take a guided tour of the largest cinema in the Netherlands, the Pathé Arena, during 24H Zuidoost.


Behind the scenes with the Fire Service

Have you ever wanted to take a peek behind the scenes at a fire station? Well you can during 24H Zuidoost! Meet the heroes, take a seat in an actual fire engine, take a guided tour, climb a fire ladder and learn all there is to know about the fire department. A fun outing for everyone, particularly children.

Surinamese cookery workshop for children

During 24H Zuidoost children aged between 6 and 12 years old can join this tasty cookery workshop. Under professional supervision, they will learn how to make Surinamese snacks, which they can enjoy together afterward. Register quickly as places are limited!

Guided tour of the Dutch National Opera & Ballet

The National Opera & Ballet make everything themselves, from tutus and wigs to gigantic stage sets. Find out exactly how these sets are produced during 24H Zuidoost by taking a unique look behind the scenes at one of the world's top opera houses.

Juicy Workshop

Do you have a good sense of taste? Would you be able to recognise tropical ingredients? Juiciety, the new Caribbean juice paradise, invites you to sample fresh fruit and vegetable juices during 24H Zuidoost! If you can guess all five correctly, you'll become a certified juice connoisseur!

The Caravan: skating, fashion and film

Heesterveld is a colourful cultural breeding ground, and it opens its doors to the public during 24H Zuidoost! You can take part in free skating with Stadsnomade Skatekaravaan including continuous skate clinics for young and old, browse the latest fashions from Kitchen For Fashion in their exhibition or watch an outdoor film about Jorik Amit Galama's Bijlmer.

Stadsnomade Skatekaravaan
Kitchen for Fashion (exhibition)
Zwermscheppen, a film by Jorik Amit Galama (continuous screenings)

The Ballroom A Stage for Living Loving and Working

The Ballroom is an exhibition, a film set and a stage for art and encounters, initiated by a group of creators who love, live and work with each other. Officially open from August, during 24H Zuidoost you can enjoy a day full of imaginative performances including Comedytrain comedians, music, great food and creative workshops.

Ballroom Outdoor with DJs
Ballroom Outdoor with comedians
Ballroom Soundsystem

Bijlmer Art Happy Hour

Art hotspot, CBK Zuidoost, is the place to be for beautiful affordable art during 24H Zuidoost. There will also be a serious art auction, so you may just take home a lasting memory from 24H Zuidoost for your wall?

Street Art Tour

The Bijlmer's H-neighborhood is teeming with magnificent murals. Art platform R.U.A. along with scores of international artists were invited to take part in an effort to spruce up Zuidoost. During 24H Zuidoost, AllTourNative Amsterdam will take you a street tour to take in a selection of the best murals.

Try your hand at drawing

Try your hand at drawing your own comic strip at one of the nicest workshops in the city as part of 24H Zuidoost! Parents and children can get creative in CBK's workshop. It's drawing for parents and comic strips for children.

Art & Cocktails

GLLRY ZOH is an art platform and project space surrounded by the Heesterveld Creative Community's young artists' colourful homes. Art and cocktails make this the place to be during 24H Zuidoost.

Exclusive preview 'Home ..?'

'Home ..?' is an impressive play created by refugees and other fellow countrymen and women. You can see a preview of this performance about fleeing war and violence, and fighting for freedom and a new life as part of 24H Zuidoost.

Sensual Dance Class

Discover Jackie's, a rooftop park above the new Jack nightclub, during 24H Zuidoost. This relaxed afternoon event features a sensual dance class for the ladies accompanied by cocktails and tempting tunes from Mami Wata's DJs. Hang around for an hour afterwards to practice your new moves.

Green Love

During 24H Zuidoost Evelien van Oosterom will show you how to make Green Love, a delicious green smoothie packed with herbs from Bloom & Growth's garden. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and an everlasting summer feeling. No appointment required!

Golf in the Bijlmer

Between the Kruitberg and Kleiburg 'honeycomb' flats and under the Kraaiennest metro station, you'll find a real golf course. Everyone is welcome during 24H Zuidoost regardless of whether it's your first time with a club in your hand or you want to try your hand at a hole-in-one.

Bijlmer: The Musical preview

An exclusive preview of 'Bijlmer: The Musical', set to premiere in November, can be seen during 24H Zuidoost. This musical is an unpolished ode to this unique and tough neighborhood, straight from the heart of the Bijlmer.

Cocktail workshop

Learn how to prepare a heavenly cocktail at Bartender School during 24H Zuidoost! Discover the tricks of the trade, become a true connoisseur and enjoy a tour through the 240 m2 bar school. Going to school has never been this much fun!

Indoor Instagram Walk

Together with a well-known Instagram mystery guest, you will head off in search of Via Amsterdam Hotel's most photogenic spots during 24H Zuidoost. Along the way, you will learn how to take the perfect shot and how to grow your following.

Beer, BBQ & Burgers

During 24H Zuidoost the Bijlmer's one and only brewery will host a BBQ with tasty burgers and Klei beer! If live music, men with beards and chilling around a campfire are your thing, then this is for you. Guided tours are available for curious beer buffs.

Guided tours
Jamaican Tropical Vibes

OSCAM x Closet Sale

Visit the Open Space Contemporary Art Museum (OSCAM) during 24H Zuidoost for an exclusive closet sale by famous Instagrammers. Expect DJs and inspiring fashion talks by Insta-fabulous influencers Nella Ngingo (NL) and Sandra Lambeck (Berlin).

Closet sale
Fashion talk by Nella Ngingo and Sandra Lambeck
Closet sale afterparty

Surinamese party: Bigi Poku Lounge

Be transported to Suriname during 24H Zuidoost with the Bigi Poku Lounge! Swinging Surinamese kaseko and kawina bands are guaranteed to get everyone on their feet plus there will be amazing Surinamese food and a Surinamese market with clothing, jewelry, and spices available.

Dancing at the Kizomba Social XL

Kizomba Social XL requires you to dust off your dancing shoes for 24H Zuidoost! This fantastic crossover evening offers dance workshops for salsa, bachata, kizomba and semba, or simply hit the dance floor and party well into the night with music from DJs and live performers.

Around the world culinary journey with World of Food

World of Food's fantastic food hall is always worth a visit for its tasty treats, and even more so during 24H Zuidoost. Sarriel Taus, culinary talk show host of Zuidoost Eet Door, will not only interview Amsterdam food critic Hiske Versprille about the many culinary traditions found in the Bijlmer, but others too about their greatest passion: good food.

Bijlmer History Quiz

The Bijlmer is 50 years old. How much do you know about this district? Do you know which mayor pushed for this City of the Future? Or what SMIB means? Test and expand your knowledge during 24H Zuidoost with this fun Bijlmer History Quiz!

Living-room performance by young talent

Youth Theater School Zuidoost (JTZO) will put on a special night-time performance during 24H Zuidoost in an exciting location assembled from scratch by the artistic team in just a day. This is definitely something for those who like an out-of-the-box surprise!

Discover Jack, the newest nightclub in the area

Why not jump on the opportunity to visit the brand new, queer-friendly club Jack during 24H Zuidoost? Jack is a sizzling club night playing music guaranteed to get you on your feet, everything from EBM to techno. Free entry before 01:00.