Discover Zuidoost's newest nightclub: JACK

Amsterdam Zuidoost’s latest addition is JACK, a vibrant, queer-friendly nightclub. Be sure to check out their programme for Saturday 15 September as it’s full of activities that are guaranteed to energise and excite!

Hip hotspot complete with a rooftop park
Club nights usually let loose at 23.00, but for 24H Zuidoost the doors will open in the morning too. Get the day started with an early rave session including a wheatgrass shot or treat your body to a rooftop yoga session. Afterwards there is a sensual dance workshop for women, while the kids can head over to the Rapping Reader.

Early Rave

It's already taken off in New York, London and Barcelona: dancing before work! During 24H Zuidoost you can experience it what it's like to go clubbing after a good nights sleep with a wheat-shot in your hand. It's on at the newly opened Jack nightclub!

Rooftop Yoga

The sky's the limit during 24H Zuidoost! Experience a relaxing yoga session accompanied by deep house music at Jackie, the roof park on top of the brand-new Jack nightclub. All levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced. Lessons will be held in the yoga studio if the weather is unsuitable. Did we mention 360-degree views? 

The Rapping Reader

Hip-hopper Kiddo Cee is not just at home on the stage and in the studio, but is a also a dab hand as a rapping reader. For 24H Zuidoost he will bring short stories and beats to the Jackie roof park above the brand spanking new Jack nightclub. It's guaranteed that every child will be hanging on his every word...

Sensual Dance Class

Discover Jackie's, a rooftop park above the new Jack nightclub, during 24H Zuidoost. This relaxed afternoon event features a sensual dance class for the ladies accompanied by cocktails and tempting tunes from Mami Wata's DJs. Hang around for an hour afterwards to practice your new moves.

Discover Jack, the newest nightclub in the area

Why not jump on the opportunity to visit the brand new, queer-friendly club Jack during 24H Zuidoost? Jack is a sizzling club night playing music guaranteed to get you on your feet, everything from EBM to techno. Free entry before 01:00.