A peek behind the scenes

Curious to see what is going on in a movie theater or fire department? Come and check out during 24H Zuidoost.

Guided tour of the Taibah Mosque

Have you ever seen inside a mosque? Known as the Bijlmer's 'white pearl' and the largest mosque in the Netherlands, it will open its doors during 24H Zuidoost to those interested in taking a look. Women are requested to bring something with them to cover their heads.

Behind the scenes at Pathé Arena

Curious about what goes on behind the scenes at a cinema? Here's your chance to find out what happens in the projection booth. Take a guided tour of the largest cinema in the Netherlands, the Pathé Arena, during 24H Zuidoost.


Behind the scenes with the Fire Service

Have you ever wanted to take a peek behind the scenes at a fire station? Well you can during 24H Zuidoost! Meet the heroes, take a seat in an actual fire engine, take a guided tour, climb a fire ladder and learn all there is to know about the fire department. A fun outing for everyone, particularly children.

Guided tour of the Dutch National Opera & Ballet

The National Opera & Ballet make everything themselves, from tutus and wigs to gigantic stage sets. Find out exactly how these sets are produced during 24H Zuidoost by taking a unique look behind the scenes at one of the world's top opera houses.

Beer, BBQ & Burgers

During 24H Zuidoost the Bijlmer's one and only brewery will host a BBQ with tasty burgers and Klei beer! If live music, men with beards and chilling around a campfire are your thing, then this is for you. Guided tours are available for curious beer buffs.

Guided tours
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