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Stories of the Surinamese in the Netherlands

On 18 January 2019 Vereniging Ons Suriname will be 100 years old. For this anniversary The Black Archives is working on an exhibition on the hidden history of the Surinamese in the Netherlands. The Black Archives is located at the Vereniging Ons Suriname building and manages a large part of the association’s archives. In a wider context The Black Archives also wants to record special stories of the entire Surinamese community in the Netherlands.

In the past hundred years there have been many special stories and events that have not been talked about. Some are known, others still undiscovered. With the Our * Tori – Stories of the Surinamese in the Netherlands exhibition, The Black Archives is kicking off a new project to uncover this history. Stories about migration, hope, love, conflict, racism, opposition to it, but also about entrepreneurship, art, sports and everything in between.

The exhibition opens in November 2019.

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