• 12:00-12:30: Open stage
  • 13:00-13:30: Open stage
  • 14:00-14:30: Open stage

Did you know that no fewer than 20 per cent of children in Amsterdam start primary school with language difficulties? And that children do not always have the same chances of a successful school career even though they are just as bright? We have to do something about this, says VoorleesExpress Amsterdam. That’s why volunteers have been reading out loud to children from all over the city for a good 10 years. They help with reading skills and create equal opportunities for all children. Reading out loud works!

The Amsterdam 24H event and VoorleesExpress Amsterdam are joining forces for the 24H Oost edition and present “The Storytellers’ Stage” at Loads Amsterdam. This is an open stage where well-known, surprising and leading story writers and tellers inspire visitors in their own special way. To show how enjoyable and important stories are, to motivate people to act and prevent inequality in our lovely city, and to bring the people of Amsterdam together by reading (out loud) in Oost. So come along and get carried away by an enchanting poem, the spoken word, a reading from a book, a monologue or an amusing story. Moving, powerful, romantic or funny. Or all at the same time.

Practical info

  • Limited capacity, full = full!
  • Language: Dutch
  • Minimum age: suitable for all ages.
  • Price: free entry