• 12:00-16:00 – Exhibition & Workshop

Newest Art Organization

At the Newest Art Organization (NAO) you can find work from artists who recently arrived in the Netherlands after fleeing from war, violence and exclusion in their home countries. Work is done with them on setting up new artists’ workshops and creative activities.

New artists join in from across the whole country and contact is also made with artists who arrived elsewhere in Europe, or got stuck half way on their escape.

The NAO wants to show you something special during 24H Oost. How communication is so important between families and groups of friends who ended up scattered and therefore separated from each other. How thoughts, dreams and new experiences can immediately be shared digitally. And what part art plays in all this.

The labyrinth of images on show during 24H Oost reveals a world of dreams, memories and a view that is strange but familiar. With pictures from: Iman Shaaban (Magdeburg), Kinda Arshied (Beirut), Sara Khayat (Istanbul), Ward Zaraa (Helsingborg) and Abeer Al Khalifa (Bahrein).

New Amsterdam NAO artists provide an introduction to the Newest Art Organization and the labyrinth and a workshop tour.

Practical info

  • Limited capacity, full = full!
  • Reservation: it is not required to sign up for this activity but if you want to be sure that you receive guidance in sending images, please sign up via Facebook
  • Language: all languages
  • Minimum age: suitable for all ages
  • Price: free entry