Programme 49 events

Dawn Songs

What better way to start 24H Oost than to a harp concert at sunrise? Harpist Daan Verlaan plays an array of “dawn songs”: from Björk and Nina Simone to melodies from the Middle Ages. The concert is followed by a delicious breakfast supplied by Bakker van Oost. Nice!

The Mirror Centre: Body & Mind

During 24 Oost, limber up and get ready to try out a number of dance styles and fitness classes – from twerking and aerial yoga to tantric dance and biodanza. The bungee super fly workout is something you won't forget in a hurry: attached to a bungee-line, you'll try out the wildest and weirdest jumps you can think of. And once you've worked up an appetite, a healthy snack in the lounge or garden is available.

Rooftop Beer Yoga

Are you daring enough to take part in a beer-yoga session on Hopp's spectacular rooftop terrace during 24H Oost? Beer yoga, which made its debut in Berlin, involves forming yoga positions while holding a bottle of beer. These special moves, combined with the relaxing effect of yoga, make for quite the memorable experience.


Use Your Loaf!

At the Baking Lab during 24H Oost, it's time to roll up your sleeves to mill your own flour (using a retro bike), and kneed and bake the perfect loaf – all while learning everything there is to know about grain and bread. You can even test your knowledge with a quiz. Perhaps you'll be the one to take home the prized loaf.

Mini-workshops: Baking the perfect loaf Full
Milling grain and food quiz

Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra Public Rehearsals

Take a look behind the scenes at the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra during 24H Oost. At this public rehearsal in the impressive NedPhO Dome, you'll be captivated by Symphony Number 11 by Russian composer Shostakovich.

Notes of a Dirty Old Man Breakfast Edition

At 24H Oost, become acquainted with Dutch literary talent at Bar Bukowski. During this literary morning, 'Notes of a Dirty Old Man', you'll be treated to wonderful poetry and stories, accompanied by beautiful classical music played by musicians from the conservatorium.

Letterpress: 'Be Kind to the City'

Follow a crash course in using the letterpress technique to print a ‘Be kind to the City’ poster at Graphic Workshop Amsterdam. This technique uses wooden letters and high-pressure presses. During this 24H Oost event, follow a workshop or take a guided tour to explore the beautiful old presses, letters and cutting machines.

Mini workshops

Festival Central with TenTemPiés and the Best of Oost

Hotel Arena, 24H Oost's festival central, is the perfect starting point for a day of discovery. You'll find all the information you need – as well as some handy tips for making the most of the experience. At the bustling artisan market, you'll find local craftsmen, products and services from Oost, and you can even feast at a fantastic BBQ. Eat, drink, chat, and shop until you drop, or dance the night away to TenTemPiés rock, ska, reggae and rumba mixes. Those who've seen this Chilean-Amsterdam party band before, will know that it's impossible to sit still once they start. After you've finished your tour of 24H Oost, head back to take your chance at winning one of the amazing local prizes, such as a VanMoof bike or a night in the luxury Hyatt Hotel. The more places you visit, the more likely you are to take a prize home.

Walking Tour Through Historical Oost

How well do you know the history of Amsterdam Oost? During 24H Oost, join a guided historical walking tour through the district – accompanied by tales from a bygone era. Discover its connections with a colonial past, learn how war and migration affected Oost and the people who lived there, and find out how history continues to shape the Oost we know today.

Young Language Heroes

Many children living in Amsterdam's Transvaal district act as interpreters for their parents. Through an exhibition of life-sized portraits together with the stories behind them, TransTaalKinderen is raising awareness about these young bridge-builders and their importance in society. The children will be available to answer your questions at this 24H Oost event.

An Introduction to Fermentation

Discover the world of fermentation and pickling – from Sauerkraut to kimchi – at Thull's, a delicatessen and preserving specialist. At this 24H Oost event, the ins-and-outs of traditional and new-generation pickles will be explained. Fermented soft drinks such as kefir and kombucha will also be explored.

Art & Cocktails

Popinnart is the Middenweg's latest addition. During 24H Oost, this exhibition space for affordable, accessible and exceptional art opens its doors and its cocktail bar. On the hour, visitors can enjoy a guided tour of over 40 artists' works, including paintings, drawings, photography, textiles and sculptures. Of course, attendees can also browse at their own pleasure.

Games Galore!

If you love playing games, this 24H Oost event is the one for you. At House of Watt, you'll find plenty of entertainment – from party games and shuffleboard to foosball and even Mario Kart on the big screen. If you're feeling competitive, join the lively Song Festival Bingo for the chance to win some great local prizes (19:00-23:00).

Songfestival bingo

Smartphone Photography

The best camera is the one that's always with you, and more often than not, that's your smartphone. In this workshop during 24H Oost, learn practical tips about smartphone photography and immediately put them to the test under the watchful eye of a teacher.

The Devil on the Dance Floor

During 24H Oost, young tango dance group Quinteto del Diablo and dancer Goda Žukauskaitė will bridge the gap between Argentinian tango, contemporary music and the world of dance – all in one truly explosive performance. The CBK's (Centre for Visual Art) art collection creates the perfect backdrop.

Willem Witsenhuis Guided Tours

Named after the famous artist, the Willem Witsenhuis is a beautiful listed building packed full of history and stories. It's not usually open to the public, so these 24H Oost guided tours are extra special. Register now for this unique opportunity.

Lucky Writers

During 24H Oost, with the help of an old-fashioned typewriter and a true wordsmith, you can create your poetic masterpiece. Send it on a beautiful postcard from the All The Luck In The World concept store, and bring a smile to the face of the recipient – whether they're your mum, your spouse or even your cat!

Pop Up Blogger Closet Sale

Insta influencers will be making an appearance at The Student Hotel during 24H Oost. Shop till you drop at this pop-up shopping Walhalla, where influencers will be selling top fashion brands at crazy prices. It's your chance to get fashion advice from the pros. If it's not your partner's thing, they can sample the best craft beers together with something from the special blogger menu at bar and restaurant The Commons.

Learn How to Make Amsterdam Soap

Pamper your nose at the Amsterdam Soap Factory during 24H Oost. Learn how soap and perfumed organic essential oils are made, and visit the workshop and shop. For a small contribution, you can even make your own small bottle of perfumed oil to take home.

Three Self Portraits

During 24H Oost, take the opportunity to pose for the Avierkoeriers at the new Thúskomme, a cafe-restaurant with a hint of Fryslan. In one sitting, they'll create portraits of you in three different styles.

Booze & Boules

This 24H Oost event is a boules knockout tournament in one of Amsterdam Oost's best-kept secrets. And when you're not competing, simply enjoy the music, French food, competitions, cocktails, finest oysters, delicious snacks and a genial atmosphere.

When We Cried Confetti

During 24H Oost, treat yourself to the theatrical dance performance 'When We Cried Confetti', by the energetic, cheeky, sensual and prize-winning dance collective Man || Co. It's a performance about the fear of being forgotten, the fun we're obliged to have at parties and awkwardness that really should remain hidden at a good party.

The Secret World of Bikes

Immerse yourself in the world of Dutch bike brand VanMoof and discover what makes smart bikes smart. You'll also find out how bike hunters manage to track stolen bikes across the world and experience just how fast 0-31km per hour feels on an electric bike in the Oosterpark.

A look behind the scenes at VanMoof
Workshop: Protect your bike against theft

Blacksmithing, Welding and Woodturning

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at blacksmithing, welding or working on a lathe? During 24H Oost, you'll get the chance. With the guided tour, you can watch demonstrations, then try yourself in one of the mini craft workshops – all at your own pace. For children, there's a chance to make a wooden robot.

Blacksmithing, Welding and Woodturning Workshop
Blacksmithing, Welding and Woodturning Guided tours

Make up For Dummies

Learn make-up basics at these walk-in workshops during 24H Oost. They're suitable for anyone looking to create a subtle and elegant look. Individual/personal advice will also be available. Feel free to bring your own make-up if you prefer!

Creative Neighbours

The Thinking Hut is a lively hub that brings the creativity of international businesses together. Come and get to know them to find out how they work and maintain a good work-life balance. A healthy mind goes hand-in-hand with a healthy body. During this 24H Oost event, a variety of interesting coaching sessions, hands-on workshops, massages and music will take place.

Mind the Food Cookery Workshop Full
Mind the Body Fitness Workshop
Mind the Music Workshop
Thinkers’ Talks ("Amsterdam Oh Amsterdam")
Closing Keynote ( by Marja Godfriet, founder WE Club)

Butchery and Cocktail Workshops

At Restaurant C, everything revolves around preparation. During 24H Oost, they'll show you how to professionally butcher a lamb and how to shake the best cocktails. From 16:00, a winning combination of cocktails, DJs and table tennis will be waiting for you.

Workshop: learn the art of butchering a lamb
Table tennis and DJ
Cocktail workshop

Mosque Tours

Have you ever wondered what a mosque looks like inside? During 24H Oost, satisfy your curiosity with a tour of the Al Kabir Mosque, Amsterdam's very first mosque. This stunning building is more than just a place of prayer: you can also take part in Arabic and Koran lessons.

Pop-up Choir Singalong

During 24H Oost, join others in the Elthetokerk to study every one's favourite karaoke guilty pleasure, Abba's 'Mama Mia'. After the one-hour workshop, the group will be performing this multi-part, feel-good arrangement in total harmony. Of course, everyone's welcome.

Marci Panis Cultural Breeding Ground

Take a behind-the-scenes peek at this gigantic cultural breeding ground during 24H Oost. The day will be filled with things to do and see – for young and old alike. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves to learn circus tricks, make music, and watch artists such as Erik Lindner, Coralie Vogelaar and Hansje van Halem at work.

Kizomba Dance Workshop & Ecofood

Enjoy an introduction to the basic steps of the sensual kizomba dance during 24H Oost. Or simply dance along to Urban Kiz, a mix of kizomba, R&B and dance. You can get some one-on-one help if needed, and Farmed Today will serve organic and vegetarian snacks.

Tour of Artis Monuments

Join the fun at Artisplein during 24H Oost and see the square's 19th-century national monuments from a different perspective. On the majestic terrace – nestled between trees and a soothing fountain – enjoy the spring sun on your skin and the tranquillity of the area. And it's all topped off by a view of the flamingos.

Taste of Indonesia, BBQ and Terrarium workshop

Imagine yourself in Indonesia with a delicious BBQ, spicy cocktails and music on a terrace. During 24H Oost you can bring this to life! Come to Mama Makan during 24H Oost and enjoy the tastes of Indonesia or attend the Terrarium workshop by Studio Wüst and create your own self-sufficient ecosystem in a bottle, including a fresh Seedlip cocktail.

Terrarium workshop
Taste of Indonesia

Interactive Morocco Adventure

In the Junior Tropenmuseum during 24H Oost, an aeroplane will be waiting to take you on an exclusive tour. Get aboard, fasten your seatbelt and take off to Morocco. En route, you'll meet Esmaa, Fatima, Nasrdin and Yousef, who'll provide you with tips on what to see, do and taste, and who to visit. This interactive exhibition is great for kids!

Beers, Beards and Body Ink

This fantastic urban-jungle roof terrace, with spectacular views over the city, opens its doors to those with beards and tattoos ─ and those who enjoy looking at them ─ during 24H Oost. Enjoy a range of special beers and comfort foods, take part in exciting beer activities, give your beard a revamp or even get a cool tattoo.

Row Across the Amstel River

Experience a real-life fairy tale at 24H Oost. Under the sunset of the day, row across the Amstel river in a group of four. It's the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the sport of rowing, under the watchful eye of experienced instructors. Round off the day with some drinks at the water's edge.

Cider and Beer Tasting

This tasting is a treat for experts and curious novices alike. Cider is rapidly growing in popularity, but it's not for everyone, so there's also a variety of special foreign beers available for tasting – including one from Greece. Can you taste the difference?

Silent Disco by the Oosterpark

The Generator Hostel, located in the Oosterpark, is one of Amsterdam's coolest hidden hotspots – especially its bar. During 24H Oost, it plays host to an evening of dancing and eating, games and drinking, and movement and fun. It also boasts a silent disco and table tennis table.

Ninja Workshop, Freerunning and Trampoline Party

24H Oost gives you the chance to join an adventure at VROG in Amsterdam. During these kids' workshops – or at the trampoline party for adults – you can train as a freerunner or ninja to overcome obstacles. You can also flip to your heart's content on a gigantic trampoline floor and wall.

TrampoTricks, 8-9 years
TrampoTricks, 10-12 years
Ninja workshop, 10-12 years
Ninja workshop, 16+
Freerunning outdoor 18+
Trampoline disco

Chocolate Masterclass

At this exclusive masterclass from chocolatier Robbert van Velze, you'll learn how to recognise which country each type of chocolate comes from – all by tasting it! This 24H Oost masterclass is followed by a chocolate quiz, and – of course – the first prize is delicious!


Full Moon Party

A full moon is a strange and exciting phenomenon. Experience it for yourself at Oostblok during 24H Oost. At this full-moon party, allow yourself to be enchanted by poetic games, werewolves, music, video art, Thai yoga, massages, films and invigorating beats.

Roots & Nowhere presents: Yellow brick road sessions

During 24H Oost, experience 'house jamming' from creative dance and music group Native Moons – as well as Poetry Circle performances and unplugged music sessions. Put your creativity to the test with tape art on the walls, or join the Wizard of Oz photo shoot. Just follow the yellow brick road!

In Bed With...

Time to dig out your favourite pyjamas and enjoy the sounds of some of the best singer-songwriters Amsterdam Oost has to offer. Why pyjamas? An auditorium at the Q-Factor has been transformed into a cosy bedroom for the occasion. Of course, you can come and go as you please.

Grown-Up Games: Human Stratego and Defend the Flag

Tonight, it's time for the adults! Sneaking over rugged outdoor terrain, tactical thinking, running, working together and working against the opposition: it doesn't get more exciting. Equip yourself with heavy-duty shoes and put your mind and body to the test during this 24H Oost event.

Street Musicians and All-Night Parties

Street musicians will fill every possible corner of the Volkshotel with music for 24H Oost. Following these performances, night owls can party until the early hours at Canvas (7th-floor location with great views over Oost) or Doka (a basement venue brimming with cocktails, art and fantasy) – and entry's free!

Street musicians at the Volkshotel
The Sound of Canvas
One Night in Doka

Explore Jupiter and Venus

Join this 24h Oost event for a spot of star- and planet gazing. Enjoy a tour around the Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy, led by a real-life astronomer. If the weather allows it, you can even explore Jupiter and Venus using the telescope. If the weather isn't so good, there'll still be plenty to explore in the star domes.

Hysterical Karaoke at Café Ruk & Pluk

Every year, karaoke at Ruk & Pluk proves to be one of 24H Oost's most popular events, and for good reason. For those who don't dare to take the mic alone, over-the-top hostess Karoline is ready to lend a helping hand with hitting the high notes.

Poesiat & Kater

Whet your whistle during 24H Oost, as hip new brewery Poesiat & Kater is offering guided tours and beer tasting every 30 minutes. A BBQ will be held outside with a hog roast, spare ribs, fresh fish and heavenly veggies – all accompanied by a serving of captivating stories.

Kriterion After Midnight

During 24H Oost, a gloomy surprise film will be shown after midnight at the Kriterion art-house cinema. This dark film is only suitable for the most grown-up of grown-ups. Children are strictly forbidden.