LNP Highlights of 24H Oost

24H Amsterdam is all about celebrating Amsterdam’s dynamic districts over a 24-hour period. Here’s our pick of the best things to do at 24H Oost for people that don’t speak Dutch.

Dag & Dauw Yoga

What’s a better way to start 24H Oost than by calmly waking up in a yin yoga session? After rubbing the sleep from your eyes and having a stretch, enjoy a delicious vegetarian breakfast with lovely coffee.

Theatre breakfast @ TapasTheater

Start off your visit to 24H Oost in this mini-theatre with the delightful sounds of singer-songwriters Raoul Michel and Carl E., wake up while having a tasty breakfast and go see short and amusing performances in the new TapasTheater! Because why only enjoy the stage in the evenings?

Painting with chocolate

Chocolate is not only very tasty, it's also a fantastic product to paint with. Try it yourself at 24H Oost at the Cacao Museum! Whoever doesn’t feel as creative can learn more about chocolate in the museum and buy exceptional chocolate.

Secret City Trails: Discover the secrets of the Eastern port area

At 24H Oost, leave the well-trodden paths and head for the beautiful Eastern port area with its islands and striking bridges. Puzzles on your telephone tell you special stories about how this part of the city came about, and you discover the tastiest places to eat and drink on the way.

Exhibition Haak-In: special creations from plastic waste

Housed in two beautiful gatekeeper’s lodges, at this exhibition Galerie Haak-In shows you how to turn plastic bags, spoons and PET bottles into something new. Crochet techniques are used to make items such as jewellery, baskets, seats, lamps and vases.

Print your own letterpress poster

Come and print a poster at 24H Oost on one of the many printing presses at the Graphic Workshop Amsterdam! All you need is wooden letters, ink and a bit of imagination.

Framer Framed: Elsewheres within Here

The Framer Framed exhibition space has moved to Oost! This first exhibition at the new location has been put together by Jo-Lene Ong and looks at different meanings and aspects of the term 'home'. During 24H Oost, Natasha Papadopoulou takes the public on a journey of discovery to the stories that the body holds or hides in a special performance.

Behind the scenes of the internet

Every day we use digital applications like the cloud, Instagram, Uber and Netflix but where exactly ‘are’ all those applications and data? During this 24H Oost tour at Interxion you will learn how a data centre works and clearly see the part it plays in today’s digital world.

The Gouden Middenweg

At 24H Oost host(esses) show you everything the Middenweg has to offer with its fine shops and delicious food and drink. And it comes with a tasty bite to eat and a goodie bag! There are also many highly enjoyable extras and workshops on subjects like wine tasting, personal colour advice, hair plaiting and face painting classes.

Real dreams, an interactive exhibition at Newest Art Organization

Come to 24H Oost to see a labyrinth with film images from five Arabian artists who come to share their dream pictures from Turkey, Lebanon, Germany, Sweden and Bahrein. You can even send an image back through Skype! Artists who fled to the Netherlands from the Newest Art Organization will lend you a helping hand.

The artistic camp site

During 24H Oost come and look at the art and play camping games at QRU on the artistic camp site. It’s indoors, so don’t worry about wet feet! Badminton, table tennis, shuffleboard, hopscotch, marbles, table football and looking at art in the camp site tents. Fancy a game? With camp site disco afterwards!

Celsius Cocktail Workshop

Not only does C cook at unusual temperatures, preparation techniques from the kitchen also find their way to the cocktail bar! In this Celsius Cocktail Workshop during 24H Oost, you get to work with nitrogen to make a ‘granita' as atopping for an ice-cold cocktail. A preference for hot? A hot toddy then!

You make the city!

Spend 24H Oost on an energetic journey of discovery full of inspiration about how sustainable Amsterdam really is and what you can do yourself. Get straight to work with the best Amsterdam in lovely workshops, because after all, you make the city!

Audio tour: The lost track

Take a special walk of stories along more than twenty remarkable places during 24H Oost. You start at Museum Perron Oost where you can install the app on your phone. Here you can also see a photo exhibition on migration, arrival and departure. Bringing your own earpieces is recommended!

My first belly dancing lesson

Visit the belly dance shop during 24H Oost and enjoy a mini-belly dancing lesson – with a cup of tea – from Shaheen who will teach you three different belly dance moves. An art exhibition by Robert Pennekamp can also be enjoyed at the shop.

The Black Archives: preview of 100 years of Vereniging Ons Suriname

The Black Archives is a unique archive that documents Suriname, Caribbean and African history and culture. It is located at the Vereniging Ons Suriname building. During 24H Oost you can take a special tour of the archive and the building. You get an exclusive taste of the exhibition on 100 years of Vereniging Ons Suriname that is being prepared for opening in November by The Black Archives.

Looking around in the old 't Kromhout shipyard

During 24H Oost let yourself be taken around Museum 't Kromhout and get immersed in the maritime history of Amsterdam. The nostalgic sense of hard work and diesel and the nice stories about the past bring historical Amsterdam ship building to life again. With surprise musical performances!

Meditative laying cello concert

Stretch out at 24H Oost and submit to the beautiful vibrations and melodies of The Wong Janice. Her cello melodies put you in deep meditation for half an hour. You’ll feel fully recharged!

Festive children’s disco in the Oosterbar

At 24H Oost children get the chance to go for a dance in the Oosterbar, a real night club where grown-ups party every weekend. With a DJ, face painting and a  lemonade bar! Parents and carers can take a breather in the ‘adult’s corner' and watch in wonder or dance along.

Creative workshops at Broedplaats KOCH

Discover the newest creative breeding ground in Oost! This recently became home to a creative and socially involved community that also offers a fine meeting place in the area with KOCH. During 24H Oost you can come here for creative workshops and exceptionally relaxing music: ambient, 232HZ music and binaural beats, by DJ Tom Heringa among others.

CBK Amsterdam

During 24H Oost CBK Amsterdam will open its doors at Waldenlaan. CBK Amsterdam is breaking all the rules at the former CoolCat shop location in Oostpoort. Nothing is off-limits with pop-up performances in the shop window, art peep shows in the fitting rooms and mannequins who come to life.

Become an expert beer brewer

The Bruut Brouwcafé is the only nano-brewery in Amsterdam. Small batches of beer are produced here in a circular environment. Come along and learn everything about the brewer’s sustainable beer, take a look inside the brewery, have a taste from the fermentation tank and give your own suggestions for a special 24H Oost beer!

Making the Boy/Girl Band

Join up with the PopUp Choir at 24H Oost and sing along with the biggest boy/girl band in Oost! The perfect start of an evening full of music in Casa, because after the performance it’s time for the Amazing Dinner. And yes, that's a sing-along with hits from the 90s!

Rowing on the Amstel

Like a fairy tale: rowing in groups of four on the Amsterdam Amstel at sunset during 24H Oost. A nice opportunity for a brief introduction to the sport of rowing, under the guidance of experienced instructors obviously! Enjoy a drink by the water afterwards.

Exhibition: In Your Own Backyard

This new exhibition in the Corridor Project Space is inspired by Amsterdam-East. Come along to the festive opening at 24H Oost, meet the artists or go on the informal tour! With work by Kerem Ozan Bayraktar (TR), Sara Bjarland (FI), Ali Ibrahim Öcal (TR) and Kato Six (BE).

Brewery Poesiat & Kater: tour and winter BBQ

How is beer actually made? Learn about that and much more on a lovely tour through Amsterdam brewery Poesiat & Kater. Obviously there will be beer tasting too! Before or afterwards you can enjoy a winter BBQ with slowly cooked beef brisket, delicious hamburgers and hotdogs with Jalapeno Cheddar sausages. Wash down with a freshly poured, ice-cold craft beer.

Drovers' BBQ with live music & DJs

Start your 24H Oost evening with a celebration by going to a delicious BBQ dinner in the mini-part of Australia that Amsterdam-East boasts: Drovers Dog! With live music, DJs and all-round amusement. Cheers, mate!

In bed with...

Sharing a bed with the nicest new singer-songwriter from Amsterdam? At 24H Oost in the Q-Factory, that’s exactly what you can do. Put your best nightclothes on, grab a warm cup of milk and enjoy beautiful music in the comfy room that was transformed into a cosy bedroom.

Dancing and eating at home

Everyone is welcome at the sustainable Frisian restaurant Thúskomme where everyone feels at home. It’s all about dancing to music from all corners of the world during 24H Oost, while tasty international food made together with the neighbours is served.

Silent Disco: Go wild in your slippers

Join the already legendary silent disco during 24H Oost in the HvA’s living room! On arrival you are given comfortable slippers and then it's full-out dancing until the roof comes off – quietly. Use headphones to decide which DJ plays the best club songs.

Hysterical karaoke at Ruk & Pluk

Pop into Ruk & Pluk during 24H Oost and there’s a good chance you won’t be going anywhere else for the rest of the evening. This may be the best karaoke in the whole of Amsterdam. Too scared to sing those guilty pleasures on your own? Karaoke host Nancy Goreng will help you with the high notes!

The best reggae songs at Café The Zen

Reggae is great to dance to and brings people together. Come and party with us during 24H Oost at reggae hotspot Café The Zen with DJ Money behind the turntable and a live performance by the sparkling reggae singer Miriam Simone!

Doka full of secrets

Doka Studio is a place where you can wander off and disappear at 24H Oost. Where night-owls, jetlags and bon-vivants come together. Let the DJs surprise you and enjoy a basement full of stories. This is where you discover the secrets of the night.