• 14:00-06:00 – Opening of the exhibition 'R MUTT #2': in the afternoon, workshops for kids, and in the evening, dinner, party, live music and performances

About R MUTT #2

De Ruimte previously mounted the exhibition 'R MUTT #1', inspired by the name with which Marcel Duchamp signed his famous urinal. At least, that’s what people thought. But in the time between 'R MUTT #1' and #2, history has been rewritten. The signature and the artwork itself turn out not to have been by Duchamp, but by Dada poet, artist, performer and feminist Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven. It has take a century for her to receive the credit she is due, and it has finally become clear that one of the most influential artworks of the 20th century was made by a woman. At De Ruimte, 'R MUTT' will also be placed in a new light: the exhibition is made and curated by five of Amsterdam’s most talented women artists. The party will start in the afternoon and go on till the next morning, with exclusively women on stage.

Practical info

  • Programme is subject to change. Please be aware that capacity is limited.
  • Language: English
  • Minimum age: suitable for all ages
  • Duration: continuous
  • Price: €5