Activities around the Oostelijke IJ-oever

Maximum pleasure

Food, film, jazz and beer. During 24H Noord the north-eastern banks of the IJ will be transformed into a mecca for bon vivants. This part of Noord hasn’t stood still in recent years. We’re betting you won’t be either.

Indulge yourself

Celebrate life and spring! Sample heavenly chocolate, cocktails, seafood, wine and beer (Oedipus and Walhalla) at 24H Noord. Try bouldering, take a walk or play one of many games. Neighborhood bingo or urban golf anyone? End the festival in style with live jazz, alternative films or a party at the Skatecafé.

The Amazon of Amsterdam Noord (=FULLY BOOKED)

The W.H. Vliegenbos is a woodland park planted more than a century ago, with the idea that city people are also entitled to enjoy a little wilderness. During 24H Noord, you can join an expedition through this mini-Amazon of Amsterdam Noord. In the morning we’ll be hunting for animal tracks (tour in English), and at night listening to the sounds of the woods with Noord’s urban ecologist and his bat detector (tour in Dutch).

Tracking tour
Bat-safari tours

Bouldering at Monk

Bouldering is the most expressive and spectacular climbing discipline: technical, dynamic and athletic. You climb walls more than four metres high, without a rope, harness or any other equipment. During 24H Noord you can try it yourself at Monk. Instruction sessions start every 15 minutes.

Visit a chocolate factory (=FULLY BOOKED)

During 24H Noord you can take a scrumptious and informative tour of Chocolatemakers, a fair-trade organic chocolate factory. See, smell and taste how real chocolate is made. What’s the difference between one cocoa bean and another? And how do you achieve the perfect flavour?

Broeinest: a trip to design heaven

Broeinest is a paradise for interior professionals: a library of materials, textures and colours. During 24H Noord you can take an inspiring tour, sip a delicious cocktail or munch a designer pizza by chef Martin Mansoor.

Neighbourhood bingo extravaganza

De Verbroederij is a new melting pot brimming with a friendly vibe. During 24H Noord you can get together with the community to enjoy bingo, live music by talent from Noord, an exhibition by local artists, collective painting and dancing.

Art and design with a shipyard backdrop

For more than 20 years, a former shipyard on Zamenhofstraat has been home to a complex of studios for artists and designers. The atmosphere is rough and ready, messy, busy and creative. During 24H Noord you can view the art, take part in creative workshops and tours, enjoy music and even a kimono show.

Secrets of the ferry dock (=FULLY BOOKED)

Exclusive tours of the Ponthaven, the IJ ferry dock. Entry is normally strictly prohibited, but during 24H Noord there’s a unique chance to look around – you can even check out the engine room of a ferry, for example. A skipper and an engineer will be on hand to answer all your burning ferry-related questions.

Make your own group portrait

During 24H Noord, make an artistic group portrait with family, friends or classmates: you can have your photo taken in front of a ‘green screen’, and draw the background yourself. It’s your chance to be an ultra-modern Dutch master.

Test your knowledge of Noord

At the Amsterdam Noord Museum, you can test your knowledge on the past and present of Amsterdam Noord with quizmaster Peter Lievense. If you’re up to scratch, you’ll be awarded a highly coveted piece of paper: your very own Noord Diploma. While you’re there, you can also watch fascinating films about Amsterdam and see an exhibition to mark the 50th anniversary of the IJ-tunnel.

Visit Chateau Amsterdam in Noord

No need to head for sunny climes to visit a winery because Noord now has Chateau Amsterdam. This chateau imports grapes to make Amsterdam wine. During 24H Noord, you can hear the initiators’ story and learn fascinating facts about the finest wines.

The gods' favourite ales

At Walhalla (‘Valhalla’), during 24H Noord you can taste the gods’ favourite ales. Take a tour behind the scenes to learn about the beer brewing process and the origins of this microbrewery and taproom. DJ Arie will be playing from 20:00 to 23:00.

DJ Arie

Oedipus Brewing: Tasting (=FULLY BOOKED)

During 24H Noord, Oedipus Brewing invites you to use all your senses as you taste their beer. What effect does colour or even sound have on taste? Hear the story of how the Oedipus microbrewery began, see the beer brewing in the vats, and of course taste the finished products – both Oedipus classics and the latest experiments.

Dance, film & theatre behind the scenes

Explore the old Stork factory on the IJ during 24H Noord, when it will be a buzz with exciting performing arts. With short dance films, plus live dance and theatre, and a behind-the-scenes view of Cinedans, DAT!school, and Dansmakers Amsterdam.

Cinedans dance films
DAT!school performances
Visit a choreographer
Workshop Lois Alexander

Dream your future Hamerkwartier

How would new design the new Hamerkwartier neighbourhood? Climb to the top of the viewing tower for a 360-degree view. Tell our designers what you’d like to change or preserve in the neighbourhood, and imagine your Hamerkwartier of the future.

On the Roof: jazz on the roof

HoogtIJ is Amsterdam’s highest greenhouse, with an amazing view of the city. During 24H Noord you can enjoy great live jazz, delicious bites and cocktails that hit the spot.

Bites, cocktails, and great music
Live jazz

VETARM: heavyweight community theatre

During 24H Noord, theatre group Parels voor de Zwijnen present VETARM (‘Low Fat’), a piece about weighty women and heavy-duty men. Members of the Amsterdam Noord community who struggle with their weight play themselves in a performance that doesn’t problematise their personal experience but enables us to empathise with a smile and a tear.

Stork's Seafood Festival

A food fest where mermaids, oyster girls and skilful chefs prepare seafood dishes ranging from oysters and mussels to crab burgers. Throw in a good glass of wine or a gin and tonic for a perfect night out. Always wanted to learn how to open oysters? Join in the free oyster-shucking workshop. For smaller kids there are exciting sea-themed films like ‘The Little Mermaid’ (in Dutch).

Film night with Massih Hutak

An alternative film night during 24H Noord, hosted by Massih Hutak, a rapper, writer and columnist for Amsterdam-based daily Het Parool. For FC Hyena, Hutak has compiled a special programme running till the small hours, showcasing previously unseen film jewels.

Play golf on a skate track

Jazz diva Deborah Carter will perform with guitarist David Golek and Felix Hildenbrand on bass. The backdrop: a myriad of city lights.

De Noordshow: an ode to Noord with local acts

The Skatecafé is an offbeat creative club, skate oasis and restaurant, and during 24H Noord it delivers a well-deserved ode to Amsterdam Noord. All acts on the programme are from the northern side of the city.