Activities around the IJ-oever

Silent disco and a games marathon

From glow-in-the-dark yoga to art performances, there’s plenty to do along the northern bank of the River IJ during 24H Noord. Play sport and games or take part in art and cultural events. Discover why Noord is called ‘the sunny side of the IJ’. Be sure to visit the vibrant heart of the festival.  

Eat, drink, play

Take part in a game of giant Twister, boules, Pac-Man or play strategy games. Learn how to make little wisdom tiles, East African enjeras (bread), cocktails, pizza and screen prints. Refuel at the festival heart, visit the art festival or enjoy the silent disco while the kids build sand castles.

Early birds bike ride (=FULLY BOOKED)

During 24H Noord, take a bike tour through the ‘bird neighbourhood’ Vogelbuurt, where all the streets are named after birds, and on to Schellingwoude and the picturesque villages of rural Amsterdam Noord. A guide and nature expert will tell you about the wealth of flora and fauna within a stone’s throw of Amsterdam, and teach you about local history. Bring your own bike (and if you like, a snack and a drink).

Stories of Amsterdam Noord

Listen to stories on the roof of A’DAM Toren during 24H Noord. Authors Bas Kok and Christine Otten read Noord-oriented excerpts from their own work with a spectacular view across the city as accompaniment.

Shared history walk (=FULLY BOOKED)

On this surprising historical walking tour, you’ll hear about both the famous and little-known personal histories of local people. The stories explain how the differences in the city arose, but also show that Amsterdammers might have more in common than they think. At the end, there’s a chance to chat over a free drink.

Spring among the Christmas trees

A green pop-up performance among the Christmas trees. Four storytellers sit on a bench at the edge of the woods. They tell spellbinding stories and send the public into the woods to bring nature back to life by sowing seeds, weeding, and tending to the trees.

Cocktail workshop & Urban Playground

At Sir Adam and The Butcher Social Club in the A’DAM Toren, during 24H Noord you can find everything a grown-up needs: cocktails and games. Develop your cocktail skills in a workshop by a trained mixologist. And if you’re the one who’s got to drive home? Test out your skills behind the wheel with Super Mario Kart on a giant screen. Or play one of your other favourites, from arcade games like Pac-Man to pinball and billiards.

Urban Playground
Cocktail workshops

Space Jam

Fly off into the cosmos during 24H Noord at this fun-filled mini-arts festival. With glow-in-the-dark yoga (Glowga!) in the Milky Way Zone, live art, space stories by Chidi Onwuka and fluorescent gin and tonics. Last but not least, a Space Jam AfterpARTy.

Evening programme

Discover the Van der Pek neighbourhood

During 24H Noord, the shopkeepers of the Van der Pek neighbourhood show what makes their area so great. Look out for skate lessons, workshops (pizza making, foot relaxation and screen printing), literary surprises, live music, a discussion on black heritage, a silent disco, art and fashion. 

Skate lesson
Pizza-making workshop
Various continuous activities

Festival heart with the best of Noord

The Tolhuistuin garden is the beating heart of the 24H Noord festival – a green oasis buzzing with activity. If you haven’t finished making your choices from the 24H Noord programme, the information desk can help (open from 11:00), with tips for activities and help in finding your way around Noord. You can also spin the Wheel of Fortune for a chance to win fantastic prizes. At the Cultural Market, you can find out about arts initiatives in Noord and enjoy a snack supplied by local businesses (in collaboration with Kameleon Concepts). At the Talent Café in the Tuinhuis, you can check out young musical talent from Noord (in collaboration with Noord-based music bastion Nightcare).


Game marathon at De Ceuvel

Prepare to get competitive, because during 24H Noord, it’s time to play games. In the morning and afternoon, there’s giant Twister, a living Game of Goose on the quay, and the Toddler Olympics. And in the evening, there’s the official Werewolves National Championship around the campfire, Bring Your Own Boardgame (BYOB), and long, complicated games in the boats of De Ceuvel.

Traditional Dutch tile proverb workshop

Have you got a friend or relative who has a wise saying for every occasion? Bring them along to A Lab to paint a traditional Dutch tile with their favourite witty aphorism to hang in the bathroom or over the bed. Dutch seniors (60+) from Amsterdam Noord will share this old tradition with you. What’s more, you can round off a cosy chat over a cup of coffee and a piece of cake with a visit to an exhibition of photo portraits of 22 pensioners and their tile proverbs.

Visit the projection booth at EYE (=FULLY BOOKED)

Always wanted to know how a 35mm movie is projected and see what goes on backstage at the cinema? During 24H Noord, for the first time, EYE Filmmuseum is opening its projection booths to the public. There are also tours of the group exhibition ‘A Tale of Hidden Histories’, with film and video on truth, interpretation, facts, memories and reality. Do they really exist, or are they all just a construction?

Tour of the projection booth
Tour of the exhibition ‘A Tale of Hidden Histories’

East African enjera-making workshop

The speciality of restaurant Semai is injera, the pancake-like bread traditionally eaten in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia. In continuous workshops during 24H Noord, you can learn how to make the batter and cook injera yourself. ‘Melkam mageb’ – bon appétit!

Jeu de Sable 2019 (Sand Games 2019)

During 24H Noord, don’t miss the sandy fun of Jeu de Sable 2019. Kids can take part in a sandcastle competition while the grown-ups show off their throwing skills in a boules contest. The barbecue will be lit from 13:00, there’ll be music outside, and from 23:00 a second wave of playful people will join in for the afterparty of the Tactical Outdoor Games Club.

Jeu de Sables 2019
Afterparty Tactische Bosspelen Club

Art and party at De Ruimte

Creative living-room café and restaurant De Ruimte is pulling out all the stops during 24H Noord with the opening of 'R MUTT #2', an exhibition by five of Amsterdam’s most talented female artists. The party starts in the afternoon (including kids’ workshops) and carries on till the next morning – with dinner, live music and performances. And from start to finish, with only amazing women on stage.

Human Stratego and Capture the Flag XL

You might be a grown-up now but 24H Noord is a fantastic chance to reconnect with your childhood, so get set for a game of Human Stratego or Capture the Flag. The games are full on and you can expect to get dirty, so come in your playing-out clothes and sturdy shoes. Please note: 16+ only. And if you’re there, you’re joining in!

Human Stratego
Capture the Flag

Into the underground

Shelter, in the cellar of A’DAM Toren, is both literally and figuratively one of Amsterdam’s most underground nightclubs. Entry is €5 for the first 50 clubbers who’d like to round off 24H Noord with an unforgettable night.