De Wallen

The different stories and perspectives about De Wallen (The Red Light District) are unique and fascinating, but sometimes also cause misunderstanding and polarisation. During the quietness of the pandemic, residents got to know each other in a new way, sometimes for the first time. At one of the neighbourhood brainstorming sessions in the Red Light District, a need for more understanding amongst each other was expressed.

Tours That Matter

Tours That Matter has been collecting, experiencing and telling stories for years. Stories create connections, as you hear and understand other people's perspectives. This is how the idea for this special storytelling evening about the Red Light District by Tours That Matter was born. The event will take place in Theatre Café Mascini, hosted by professional storyteller Berber.



  • 19:00-21:30 

Practical information

  • Limited capacity 
  • Language: Dutch
  • Price: free access