The beautiful Beursgebouw was designed by HP Berlage. What makes the Beurs so unique? What did a day on the stock exchange look like in the past? How many bricks does the Beurs consist of? Get the answers to these and many other questions today!

During 24H Centrum, there is plenty to do in the afternoon in the Graanbeurszaal, the hall where grains used to be inspected. From 15:30 on its possible to join the Sing-a-long with Emma Rekers during her A-MEEZING CONCERT. Furthermer the Graanbeurshall will be the starting point of the guided tours given by PAEX of the entire Beurs from 18:30 on.

Check the website of the Beurs van Berlage for the program and the exact times of the activities. Tip: don't forget to admire the tableaus by artist Jan Toorop during a visit to Bistro Berlage.



  • 15:30-22:00 - Entire Programme

Practical information

  • Limited capacity
  • Language: Dutch & English
  • Price: free access