The Allard Pierson shares University of Amsterdam's collections with scientists and the public including the largest collections of maps in the world. It's not all that surprising considering Amsterdam used to be the map capital.

During AP Live, visitors are given an introduction to the Allard Pierson and the surrounding area: the Rokin and the University Quarter.

You can admire beautiful old maps of Amsterdam in Allard Pierson's Geozone, which provide insight into the development history of the nearby area.

Especially for this occasion, the ArcheoHotspot of the Allard Pierson shows what the excavations for the North/South line have brought to the surface.

For example, we view the surroundings of the Allard Pierson on the floor plans from a bird's-eye view, and we dive (figuratively) into the ground to show ancient history. At both locations (the Geozone and the ArcheoHotspot) curators and specialists give presentations on an ongoing basis.

The Allard Pierson is also the starting point for other programs from the University Quarter during 24H Centrum. Click here for more information. You can also get more information about what to do at the central information desk on-site in the Allard Pierson.



  • 10:00-16:00

Practical information

  • Limited capacity
  • Language: Dutch & English
  • Price: free access to AP:live, museum entry is not included