Japanese animation

Melkweg Cinema is the Dutch arthouse cinema for music films. From special concert registrations to high-profile music documentaries: the entire spectrum of the music film genre is covered.

Melkweg also has a soft spot for Japanese animation films! During this wonderful afternoon event, anime is put in the well-deserved spotlight, screening the best films for both curious newbies and cinematic connoisseurs.


14:00 - Robot Carnival (1987) - Romance, science fiction and growing up are some of the themes explored in the different stories of the 1987 anime film 'Robot Carnival'. As the title suggests, all the films share a common fascination and love for robots. Sometimes the robots are good, sometimes evil and sometimes both. But the whole thing is a fantastic ride in this classic anime.

16:00 - Memories (1995) - A stunning sci-fi anthology featuring three compelling films from Koji Morimoto (founder of award-winning animation studio Studio 4°C), Tensai Okamura (the man behind the popular 'Darker than Black' series) and influential manga artist and Akira director Katsuhiro Otomo.


  • 14:00-18:00

Practical information

  • Limited capacity
  • Registration required: to register, click here
  • Language: Dutch  
  • Price: free access