For her own research, Olivia, coach and self-proclaimed ‘pussy connaisseur’, masturbated one hour a day for months. She revealed the results of her journey in her book Unleashing the Female O, her now famous TedX talk, and now also on stage at Rode Hoed!

‘Masturbating is the new meditation’, says Keeley. Her mission in a nutshell: educate women how many ways there are to orgasm, motivate to self-discover and above all communicate that the vulva, the va-jay-jay or the vag isn’t dirty, ugly, or something to be embarrassed about, but something to cherish and celebrate. Douching, vaginal rejuvenation, scented pads: Keeley claims female sexuality is being repressed by a culture of shame and tries to empower and emancipate a young generation of women. If you don’t know your own pussy, she asks, how will you be able to share it with others?

Viva la Vulva in Rode Hoed! An orgasmic night on female sexuality.