Humanity’s place in the world has never been more uncertain. If it’s even possible to save something, it has become clear – and it’s still becoming clearer by the year – that this historical and geological period will be a difficult one for life on this planet, at least partly because of human intervention and influence. Our fault in this has become hidden behind the stories we've told ourselves; about technological progress as the solution to any problem, about supremacy as an inevitability of human nature and about nature as something outside of us.

Perdu wishes to counter the stories of progress, supremacy and 'nature'. Through inviting the perspectives of Anne Boyer, Arno van Vlierberghe, Jayna Brown and Joost Oomen (via audio), Perdu holds space to envision and listen to alternative stories. That is, also, to inquire into new possibilities as well as ways of grieving over a world we are slowly losing. We would love to have you with us.