Female lust and desires

Female desire in literature, you would think: it has been talked about a lot, and discussed in many novels. True as that may be, it has never been described quite the same way as American writer Lisa Taddeo does in her book Three Women. She followed three women up close during eight years, reading all of their correspondence, texts, this way getting an intimate look at the ins and outs of their sex lives.

Lina, for example, is stuck in a marriage devoid of passion and longs for sex: her husband barely touches her. She starts an affair which consumes her completely. Sloane, a glamorous entrepreneur, lets her husband watch her have sex with other men. But who does she do that for?

We invite Lisa Taddeo to join us this evening, alongside our other guest writer Daan Borrel, to talk about the female gaze in literature. Sarah Meuleman is our moderator for the evening. Please do take your copy of Three Women with you, the author will be signing!