Syrian refugees were generally well-received in the Netherlands. The citizens’ initiatives aimed at welcoming this group experienced enormous growth in a short time span. Likewise, businesses and social entrepreneurs took action and opened their doors to Syrian refugees.

During this first edition, Daan Roovers (Thinker of the Fatherland) will host the evening and conversation with Anwar Manlasadoon (columnist), Klodia Khajadourian (lawyer), and Araa Al Jaramani (researcher) about their lives in the Netherlands, challenges, homesickness and the future. We will discuss the experiences of Jaco Dagevos (special professor of migration) and Jos Wienen (mayor of Haarlem), who have dealt with large groups of refugees. What have they learned in five years?

PLEASE NOTE: only parts of this evening will be in English. The most of it will be in Dutch.