Antonio Carmona Baez
The president of the University of Sint Maarten and a former lecturer of political science. Baez will discuss the constitutional politics in Venezuela, addressing some of the myths about the Maduro presidency.

Daniel Chavez
Project officer at the Transnational Institute. He has authored and edited numerous books on Latin-American politics, and he will speak about the historical and structural roots of the current crisis, looking at the broader political economy of Venezuela.

Sadet Karabulut
A member of the Dutch Socialist Party since 2006. She has recently introduced two bills in parliament against a military intervention in Venezuela and for non-politicized humanitarian aid for the Venezuelan people. She will be speaking about the geopolitical context of the conflict.

Sandew Hira
The coordinator of the Decolonial International Network (DIN) and director of the IISR. Hira has authored numerous books on (de)colonization and is currently reporting from Venezuela.