The art of power and the power of art

Walhalla is burning, the world of the Gods crumbles, the curtain falls: that is the end of Wagner's famous Ring des Nibelungen. A fitting image for our time, too, where the Amazon is burning, Antarctica is melting faster and faster and the liberal world order is declining, while the 'gods' of our world debate the future in Davos and Silicon Valley. What will the new world order look like? Will technology and AI rule, or should we fight for a world where love, art and beauty are the highest values, as Wagner wanted? Can we resist the temptation of the ring, symbol of limitless power and riches?

During the Nexus Conference 2019, international representatives of the worlds of power and the arts – connoisseurs and devotees of Wagner’s work – will offer their view of the world of today and their vision for the world of tomorrow. Sunday, 10 November in the National Opera & Ballet Amsterdam, in the set of Wagner’s Walküre.