With hits such as Pata Pata, South African singer Miriam Makeba – better known as ‘Mama Africa’ –rose to great fame in the US in the 1960s. But Makeba is not only a musician, but also an anti-apartheid activist, and is exiled from South Africa for her involvement in the anti-apartheid film Come Back, Africa. In 1968 she marries Stokely Carmichael, one of the leaders of the Black Panthers movement. Carmichael’s zeal draws the ire of the American authorities, and Makeba and Carmichael – who now goes by Kwame Ture – depart for Guinea. In 1978 they
divorced. While Makeba is brought back to South Africa by Nelson Mandela after thirty years of exile, returning to her home country a star, Carmichael remains politically very active in Guinea.