Microdosing psychedelics is gaining popularity on a large scale, especially in the Netherlands. A few years ago it was known as a novel way to increase perception and creativity levels. Nowadays many people have found in microdosing a powerful tool to alleviate depression. Others argue that it helps with PMS, anxiety, ADHD, and even cluster headaches.

On 26 May, Microdosing.nl invites scientists and specialists on stage to share what is known and to explore new grounds.

This all-afternoon event focuses on the practice of microdosing psychedelics and current research findings. Special attention goes to “facts versus fantasy” but we will also look at microdosing as a possible aid in processes of personal leadership and transformation.

This seminar promises to be an inspiring gathering for the fast-growing circle of enthusiastic researchers, psychologists, coaches, harm-reduction professionals and those who intend to discover microdosing on an experiential level.