New chances

The pandemic has changed the fashion industry - manual processes have been limited and physical encounters reduced - but the pandemic also brought new opportunities.

During this online 'Meet the Innovators' session we will speak with several experts in the field of innovation in the fashion industry and listen to young entrepreneurs who are digitizing the industry, developing antiviral coatings and making employees more visible in the value chain. In other words: crucial solutions for the future.

Register and discover how they are taking groundbreaking steps to improve the fashion world and how they continue to innovate in times of COVID.

We will talk about:

  • We start with a conversation with Lee Spiteri , Innovation & Performance Designer at the sustainable footwear brand Vivobarefoot , about his vision on the future of fashion, current innovation trends and how our new uncertainties prompt us to prioritize certain innovations for manufacturers in the region. .
  • We are joined by start-up innovators who tell us about their solutions within the new context of fashion:
    • Kristoffer Ekman, Nordshield CEO, shares how they are revolutionizing the antimicrobial and antiviral coating industry by providing natural alternatives that outperform the hazardous materials currently in use. Nordshield technology is free of heavy metals, safe for the environment and removes bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is used for sportswear and medical uniforms, for example.
    • Lea Esterhuizen, founder of & Wider , discusses their cloud platform that allows brands, manufacturers and suppliers to hear directly from employees about their daily life and working conditions. This is monitored via mobile telephones and attempts are made to improve working conditions in the supply chain.
    • Yazan Malkosh, founder and CEO of Swatchbook , shows how they are building a digital library that enables brands and suppliers to discover, discover, visualize and share materials to create garments. This allows teams to collaborate worldwide and collections can be created from anywhere in the world. This means less material is wasted and the polluting transport of sample material is also reduced.

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