Who was Maria Magdalena

 Dr. Annine van der Meer, who obtained her PhD under the guidance of Prof. Gilles Quispel, researched historical source texts to gain a better insight into the figure of Mary Magdalene and how her image has been distorted throughout history. 

In her book she compares the Gospel of the Beloved Disciple, attributed to John, with the Gospel of the Beloved Companion, given back to the world in 2010 and written before the year 50 AD by Mary Magdalene herself, introducing herself in this beautiful text as Miryam the Migdala, the beloved companion of Yeshua, his wife, eyewitness and author. 

Crucial statements of Miryam in her texts seem to have been omitted in the Gospel of ‘John’ that underwent a second redaction around 90 AD. Miryams Gospel provides revolutionary insights about her leadership of the disciples after the resurrection of Jesus. It is the missing link that brings the pieces of her shattered image together.

Online lecture

The lecture will be live streamed through Zoom from Amsterdam so you can watch the talk at home. You will be able to ask Dr. Annine van der Meer questions via Zoom. You will receive the Zoom link on your online ticket.