Laurent Binet after the immense success of his first novel HHhH, Goncourt of the first novel 2010 and his joyful and jubilant The seventh function of language, Prix Interallié 2015, returns to us with Civilizations which received the Grand Prix of the French Academy.

What if the Incas had guarded against the Spanish conquerors? Could they then have gone to conquer the West? Laurent Binet imagines it for us. Emperor Atahualpa embarks with two hundred men for the "new world". Political intelligence, Machiavellian but concerned about the well-being of peoples, he will succeed by crushing his enemies and consolidating his power through skillful alliances, marriages and other pacts, to become the master of the West.

Laurent Binet's books will be available for sale after the interview and Laurent Binet will sign them for you. The conversation will be held in French. Buy your tickets on Eventbrite.