Let's Talk Episode 3

The third installment in the 'Let's Talk' series is about the pros and cons of writing from and about yourself.

The classic distinction between the writer as a person and the narrator's voice in a novel or poem seems to have had its day. There are literary reasons for using one's own life as a raw material, because the writer knows that better than anyone else. There are political-social reasons: why hide behind a narrator if you have a message? Readers also seem to appreciate more and more that a story isn't made up: books whose writers frankly admit that they are based on their own life do remarkably well on bestseller lists. They get more space in the media, and therefore also from publishers. But isn't that also a limitation? What role does the imagination play then?

With: Maria Barnas, Rosemarie Buikema, Marja Pruis and Niña Weijers.

Hosts: Hans Maarten van den Brink and Daan Heerma van Voss

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