Join us in this special Ballroom Tour and film screening of the “Mother’s Balls” documentary and “Otherland” dance film with a Q&A with the legendary House of Vineyard afterwards. The Pioneering House of Vineyard, founded by Mother Amber Vineyard, has created platforms for the Dutch Ballroom Scene to spread empowerment and safe spaces for those who don’t fit into society’s expectations of beauty, gender and sexual expression.

Mother’s Balls portrays Amber Vineyard as she creates the first Dutch ballroom house. With her extravagant dance performances as Mother of the House of Vineyard, she not only gives her ‘kids’ the opportunity to express themselves but also manages to put ballroom and voguing outside the Netherlands on the map.

In the dance film Otherland, a young Vogue dancer presents himself for the first time at a Voodoo Carnival Ball. An important dance competition in which he will have to prove himself to his house. Based on a biographical story by Elvin Elejandro Martinez.