In Amsterdam, we will serve a very special course: our Dome Talks will take place in the gallery of the FoodHallen. This hip place hasn't been so hip long. For several decades the city of Amsterdam tried to find a solution for the huge, unused area in the heart of Amsterdam West together with its citizens. Only a foundation set up especially for this purpose made the impossible possible. Today, the FoodHallen are a colourful attraction for connoisseurs, but associations with new ideas also have their place in the innovative concept. This is exactly where we are building our dome: on the border between a flourishing restaurant scene and workshops, art galleries and offices used by civil society. 

You can join the talks for ten minutes or for an hour. Everyone is welcome and every opinion counts!

Our two Dome Talks:
12:30h Citizen participation
15:00h Food quality and safety

It is of course also possible to join later, when the talks have already started.